Black Panther

Black Panther Trailer Review: Welcome the Real Badass of Marvel

Movie Name
Black Panther
Ryan Coogler
Action, Drama, Sci Fi
00 hours 02 minutes

Black Panther Review

All rise! The King of Wakanda, King T'Challa also known to the rest of the world as Black Panther has made his grand appearance on the Marvel Cinematic Universe with his solo movie and let us tell you that this trailer is a typical Ryan Coogler trailer with some Marvel Swag and not so common Marvel seriousness. You will know after watching the trailer that Wakandans only mean business and nothing else.

If you were looking for a serious yet swaggy Marvel movie then you can expect that from Black Panther. The first trailer is seriously the answer to those who said that Marvel can not get serious and keep the comic tone intact in the same movie. While we see Chadwick Boseman, Michael B Jordan, Letitia Wright, Lupita Nyong'o and Forest Whitaker (in heavy makeup) bringing the hardcore side of Wakanda, we will have comic relief from Martin Freeman (The new Coulson of Marvel Cinematic Universe) and Andy Serkis who is playing a villain but a villain who can make you laugh with his one-liners.

Talking about the trailer and the story, The trailer just gave us a look to Wakanda which is something else from the front and the reality is different inside. The real Wakanda is nothing less than Asgard with cutting edge technology. We also got introduced to some major characters like, Killmonger played by Michael B Jordan, Black Panther's half-sister Shuri played by Letitia Wright and Zuri played by Forest Whitaker.

The trademark Hip Hop track and the editing with characters being emphasized in the trailer, tells you loudly that it is surely a Ryan Coogler movie. The director who worked on Creed has used a pretty similar style to Creed in Black Panther at least in the trailer. One thing that seems to be really great about the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3 is that they have started putting more and more efforts on the set designs and in making it more compelling and Black Panther is carrying that forward after Thor: Ragnarok and Spiderman: Homecoming.

While the story seems to be taking place after the events that took place after Captain America: Civil War, we didn't see Captain Steve Rogers (Captain America) or Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier), even though we know that they are somewhere in Wakanda as they took shelter by the end of Civil War. We wonder if we will see them in this movie.


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The Verdict

All in All, the trailer looked good and promises that the first solo movie on a Black Superhero is going to be as kick-ass as any other movie and that's why it gets a 4-star rating. It is going to be interesting to see how Chadwick Boseman will work with the Creed duo of Ryan and Jordan.


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