Black Lightning

Black Lightning Trailer Review: The Retired Hero is back to save his city

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Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Review

What is the worst or the best thing which can happen in a retired hero's life? Well, the answer is the same, when the evil rises so much that he has to say, "Retirement is OVER."
The most recent hero of DC universe who has revoked his retirement to cleanse the dark streets of preferably Metropolis is Jefferson Pierce also known as Black Lightning. A hero who retired to be a family man, the man their daughter need, the man who saves people not as Black Lightning but as the Principal of a High school, has to rise again because this time his formidable enemy is none other a gang named 'The 100'. Comic book lovers might remember them from the Superman's Girlfriend Louise Lane comic series.
The street is filled with them, everyone needs saving including his daughters Thunder and Lightning who also happen to have powers and will discover throughout the first season. A principal can't save his family and the city, it needs something else, someone else (Yeah, I just gave an Arrow reference.) He needs to be the Black Lightning again.
Talking about the other CW-DC universe shows including Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and crossovers, for now the makers have said that there won't be a crossover with other shows but even Supergirl started with the same notion and we guess Black lightning can be kept away from the other shows if it is on another earth. Well, we will have to wait for the that.
The other character that we need to talk about in the trailer are Black Lightning daughters Thunder and Lightning who have powers and while they will know more about it in the first season, they might be seen doing the hero stuff in season 2 if it gets renewed for the same.
Like Arrow, Black Lightning seems to be taking place in two timelines: One is 2005 and One is 2017 and we might see the same kind of execution and it is about time that DC gets it's own African-American Hero on the small screen now that Marvel has Luke Cage.


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The Verdict

Keeping CW's success with DC in the past few years, we can say that we are in for another kickass superhero show and we give this trailer a 3.5-star rating.


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