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Wonder Woman Movie Review 2017: Brings Wonders For DC Universe

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Wonder Woman
Patty Jenkins
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Wonder Woman Review

"When all hopes are dead in the world of Man, it is the Woman who brings the light of hope."
Whoever said that, must have never thought how relevant this line will become for the fate of DC Universe and Warner Brothers. The dark cloud of hopelessness spread by the mixed reactions on the kick off movies of DC universe, namely Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad, have finally been dispersed by the light scattered by the director-actor duo of Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot. Wonder Woman has already hit the theaters and all the early reviews about the movie being a great one are not exaggerated.

Starting off with the story, Wonder Woman is the origin story of Princess Diana, daughter of Queen Hippolyta, Princess of Themyscira who is known to the man's world as Diana Prince and destined to make the world safe from Ares, the God of War while getting to know the full potential of her powers and her meaning of Life. While Patty Jenkins along with the co-story writer Zack Snyder made sure that the story of the movie takes us to the point where Diana saves the world, they have also made sure that this film will save the DC Universe.
While the story has all the necessary elements to make your eyes glued to the screen, it was the acting which worked efficiently as the icing on the top. Gal Gadot is actually The REAL WONDER WOMAN in every sense while David Thewlis, know to us as Remus Lupin from Harry Potter movies plays a great Ares. Chris Pine plays a convincing Steve Trevor and his romance with the princess of Themyscira is organic and not forced at all.

While Gal Gadot proved that a movie with a strong Female Superhero as the protagonist is possible, director Patty Jenkins has proved how well a woman can handle a big Superhero on her own and that is why the duo is retained for the sequel of this movie. Zack Snyder who has been under a lot of doubt after BVS has given a fitting reply to everyone as he is the co-writer to this awesome story and shows how right he was when he cast Gal as Wonder Woman in BVS. He has certainly restored our faith him and his methods which he has used in Justice League as well.

The only point which can make you feel a bit dejected is the VFX used in the movie. You can see that some of the fight scenes do not have that great of a CGI and the only culprit you see for that is Warner Brothers. A Superhero movie with just $150 million budget is a crime. It should be a wake-up call for the producers to put in some more budget in the sequel.


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The Verdict

With a great storyline and amazing performances, Wonder Woman is certainly the Shining White Knight, DC universe needed and that is why the film gets a 4-star rating.


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