Logan Movie Review

Logan Movie Review 2017: Saving the Best For the Last

Movie Name
James Mangold
Science fiction film/Drama film
02 hours 21 minutes

Logan Review

Well, if we will say that Logan will be the 10th and the last time when Hugh Jackman has taken up the mantle of Wolverine and he was never that much engrossed and emotionally attached to the character which he is this time, that won't be any exaggeration.

It is 2029. No Mutant has born in the last two decades and X-men are nothing but a comic book legend. Logan is old and in hiding with his mentor and best friend Professor X aka Charles Xavier played by Patrick Stewart. It makes us feel bad to see Charles in so much pain and suffering from constant telepathic seizures but the bond between Logan and Charles was never this emotional and beautiful before. But these two are not alone in their hiding. Caliban, a light-sensitive mutant with the power to sense the mutant from far away is also here which helps them to be in hiding without drawing a lot of attention.

But as we all know that things are bound to change and get uglier. Logan finds this mute girl who is just like him and is being chased by those who created her. She is the reason why Logan, the limping, slaushed Logan, whose self-healing powers are in frenzy and his claws are slow and not that sharp anymore, decides to take a trip to this imaginary place Eden where young mutants take shelter. Interestingly, the girl knows about this place as she found it in one of the X-men comics which according to Logan is just rubbish.

Well, this journey is not going to be easy. In this engaging pursuit are Dr. Zander Rice played by Richard E. Grant and his reavers led by Donald Pierce. This henchman is one twisted terror who is also a big Wolverine Fan. Well, you can see the clear dig at US President with the name of the villain.

Loosely based on Mac Miller's Old Man Logan, this movie marks the return of The Wolverine director James Mangold who has given this movie a typical Clint Eastwood touch. One of the scenes is totally a throw back to Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven. Obviously, the movie is R-rated and you can expect a lot of insane and bloody fight scenes but this will not be the reason why you will fall in love with the film.

It is the performances, story line and Hugh Jackman's last stint as Logan which will give you the feels.


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The Verdict

All in all the film gets a 4-star rating from us.


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