X-Men Dark Phoenix Movie Review 2019: X-ploding Into X-tinction

X-Men Dark Phoenix Movie Review 2019: X-ploding Into X-tinction

Movie Name
X-Men Dark Phoenix
Simon Kinberg
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
01 hours 53 minutes

X-Men Dark Phoenix Review

There's evil brewing in the X family controlled by Charles Xavier. The powers of little Jean Grey who he took home after she caused an accident in which her parents ostensibly died, are growing out of control. In fact, when the X-Men set off on a space mission to rescue NASA astronauts in distress, it's a grown-up Jean who single-handedly brings them back alive. But the X-perience of clashing with an unknown energy during the rescue enhances her powers, earning her the nickname, Phoenix.

It's a Phoenix that's attracted to its dark side.

As Jean puts it, "When I lose control, bad things happen. But it feels good."

She'd lost control with her parents in the car crash. And she'd emerged unscathed without even a bruise. Her self-healing powers at work.

After the encounter with the formidable energy in space, Jean's become more powerful, more out of control, ‘more bad'. The X-Men are in shock when there's the unexpected death of an important family member, and invincible Jean who's done the killing is relishing her powers.

With neither Charles nor any of the X-team able to rein her in, the applause for the rescuersis fading. The X-Men who were felicitated as heroes and had a hotline to the President of America, fall out of favour.

And an alienwoman arrives to threaten the world. Jean can stand up to the new threat. But she herself is a threat too.

While all this sounds pretty good on paper, director Simon Kinberg supervises a listless seriesof special effects wars where the viewer doesn't quite know where the empathy should be focussed. It's a typical case of seen-before special effects, visually underwhelming, with nothing new to hold it all together. I lost count of the number of times the special effects resembled streaks of lightning with Jean's face too scarred with them, and the mounds of dust that she turns everybody into.

What is awesome are the performances from Sophie Turner as Jean, James McEvoy as Charles and Jennifer Lawrence as X-team member Raven. There are many more impressive names in the cast but Kinberg doesn't really let them come to the fore.

There's an aside in the film that with women doing all the rescuing around here, maybe they should be called X-Women. It's just a hint.

As a last shot there's an unexplained blob of something flashing in the sky. Perhaps the X-plosion of the Men is near. And more women power will be X-posed when the franchise does some shape-changing in the future.

Disclaimer: We are proud that LehrenTV reviewer Bharathi S Pradhan has been appointed an advisory member of the prestigious CBFC. However, her reviews reflect her personal appraisal of a film and do not in any way speak on behalf of the Censor Board.

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The Verdict

For a tepid finale to a series that’s been around for nearly two decades, X-Men Dark Phoenix gets a 2* rating.


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