Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie Review 2019: Swinging With Flips And Quips

Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie Review 2019: Swinging With Flips And Quips

Movie Name
Spider-Man: Far From Home
Jon Watts
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
02 hours 09 minutes

Spider-Man: Far From Home Review

When Peter Parker (Tom Holland) takes a vacation from super heroics and goes on a school trip to Europe, the Marvel Cinematic Universe turns into a Spidey-verse full of fun, friends, schoolboy woes and new foes.

Young Peter Parker without mentor Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) may have seemed unimaginable a little while ago. But once Avengers: Endgame introduced the thought that Tony Stark has passed on, director Jon Watts ties up the grief and the belief that the world must go on with so much energy that he breathes new life into the super hero world.

The flight to Italy is like any other breezy school trip with Peter desperately wanting to sit next to MJ (Zendaya) and of course, having to watch his rival get that seat.

With romance and rivals taking photographs at inopportune moments, buddies hooking up and Peter-MJ exchanging glances and awkwardness, it's got the spirit of a teen comedy. Except that you know Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) who's forever rounding up super heroes to save the world and Tony Stark's trusted man Happy (Jon Favreau) are around, so no way can Peter get away from the call of duty.

You cannot turn your back on your legacy, not after Tony Stark chose you to step into his shoes after he's buried.

Writers Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers make Peter such an endearing teenager who can muff up majorly both in his schoolboy avatar and as superhero that you stay with Spidey. Especially when Tom Holland makes Peter so believable, vulnerable and super-able. You grieve with him like Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal), the welcome new addition to MCU from another dimension, and understand him, again like Mysterio. In fact, the compassionate new companion, also older and wiser like Tony Stark, probably reads Peter Parker better than anybody else in the new world. A world that's threatened by new villains called the Elementals.

With Spidey's flips and quips, Watts takes you on a swinging tour of Venice, Netherlands (with its tulips), Berlin and London, while the writers do a few flips in the story to make it that much more entertaining and interesting. With several buddies and baddies, students and staff stepping in to have their moments in the spotlight.

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The Verdict

For an exhilarating ride with Spidey, Spider-Man: Far From Home gets a thumbs up and a 3.5* rating.


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