Ralph Breaks The Internet

Ralph Breaks The Internet Movie Review 2018: Friendship Means Never Being Clingy

Movie Name
Ralph Breaks The Internet
Phil Johnston, Rich Moore
Animation , Adventure , Comedy
01 hours 53 minutes

Ralph Breaks The Internet Review

It's a little like Toy Story where characters from video games come alive like humans.

Petite Vanellope, the racing car driver in Sugar Crush, popular in the video games parlour, gets bored easily and needs a new thrill. Her best friend, the large and loopy Ralph is just the opposite. Content where he is in the world of video games, life couldn't get better than to work when the sun goes up and spend the rest of his life with his little friend.

He's such a good friend that he creates a new thrill for her which kind of backfires on her when the steering wheel of her game comes off. The parlour owner can't afford the replacement butVanellope needs the adrenaline rush of car racing.

It's a small town versus dazzling big city situation when Ralph and Vanellope set off into the internet which has just been installed at the parlour and it's bright with lights and life and vibrance. Internet as an attractive new world works well with the video game characters at first wondering how to even pronounce Wi-fi. ‘Is it like ‘wifey'?' Discovering the enticing energy of the internet with amazon, e-bay (where the two are headed to buy a steering wheel) and BuzzTube (Disney's version of YouTube), Vanellope is rivetted. Especially by the pulsating Slaughter Race which is so much more adventurous than her dull and predictable Sugar Rush.

Ralph is the sincere, well-meaning friend who raises money to buy the steering wheel for his friend. But is she ready to return to a boring routine?

Directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston make it human with Ralph being clingy, needy and Vanellope dying to break free. Until everybody learns their lessons and friendship survives when it's each to his own.

When you think about it, this Ralph sequel is intelligent, has a few amusing turns like meeting all the Disney princesses from Oh My Disney and gives a life to the internet that one hadn't really thought of. Like it's one major attractive town.

It's also superbly animated and John C Reilly and Sarah Silverman voice Ralph and Vanellope superbly, breathing life into Ralph and Vanellope.


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The Verdict

My only problem with it is, it’s perhaps too smart for really little kids to get the drift and enjoy it.

For a sensible and excellently animated film, Ralph Breaks The internet gets a 3* rating.


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