Paddington 2 Movie Review 2018

Paddington 2 Movie Review 2018 : Too Cute To Be Missed

Movie Name
Paddington 2
Paul King
01 hours 43 minutes

Paddington 2 Review

Start the New Year with a family outing.

Rescued cub Paddington has settled down so well with the Brown family in London that the neighbourhood is bathed with the warmth of his presence. Even a crusty guy whose windows are cleaned for free by Paddington, finds
sunshine streaming into his life and home.

But Aunt Lucy who instilled in the cuddly bear the best of human values, is never far from Paddington's mind and her birthday is coming soon. He does find a perfect gift for her, a pop-up book with all the major landmarks of
London. But it's costly and Paddington sets off to work and earn that money. Everything's going well until a thief breaks into the antique store and steals just that pop-up book and Paddington is incarcerated for 10 years, for a crime he wouldn't dream of committing.

In prison, Paddington's straightforwardness soon turns prison baddies into lifetime buddies. But with the devilish out-of-work actor Phoenix out there, how can Paddington prove his innocence?

Director Paul King scores high with his simple narration that requires no mindboggling special effects except for the bear in the midst of people. And it's done with such skill that Ben Whishaw's voice and the warm brown eyes of Paddington make a straight heart-connect.

While goodness rules the joy ride, King doesn't make it treacly sweet. It's just a wholesome do-gooder bear with perfect manners who has the knack of seeing the good in people and turning them nicer.

Hugh Grant too enjoys himself playing Phoenix, the evil master of disguise with a flair for performing for himself.

Hugh Bonneville of Downton Abbey fame and his family who cuddle around Paddington add to the general all-is- well feeling. Even Wolfie the dog who doubles up as a horse when Paddington rides him gets a wag of approval.


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The Verdict

It’s clean, simple entertainment for kids and adults.

For a film that puts a smile on the face, Paddington 2 gets a 3.5* rating.


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