Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2 Movie Review 2018: Fighting Fit And Fun

Movie Name
Incredibles 2
Brad Bird
Animation, Action, Adventure
01 hours 58 minutes

Incredibles 2 Review

Writer-director Brad Bird's super family is back with a double dollop of cuteness. It delivers a well-placed punch about women who emerge from the shadows to be in the driver's seat while stay-at-home dads go sleepless in the changed situation.

The Incredibles or the family with super powers has had to go underground because super heroes have been declared illegal. There's a neat jab at politicians who can't comprehend why anybody would want to do good simply because it's the right thing to do. So after a dizzy opening where the Incredible family is told that the government has shut down their programme, dad Bob and mom Helen spend a sleepless night worrying about earning a living with their super powers under wraps when a solution presents itself.

It's good news and not-so-good news, especially for Bob, when Winston, the mega-richowner of a telecommunication giant, wants to bankroll the reinstatement of legitimacy to superheroes. Great news but it's Helen the Elastigirlthat Winston wants for the job.His plan's simple. Elastigirl has to go crime-busting while Winston gets her and her league of people with super powers, all the cheers and media coverage that they'd require to become legal again.

Bob's the typical traditional male confronted with a new world. He's the all-encouraging husband, telling his wife to go out and conquer the world though he can't help sighing over having to stay home and mind the babies.

So while Elastigirl goes out there to start saving the world and change the perception about superheroes, Bob is sleep-deprived with sending the kids off to school, supervising Dash's maths work, coping with daughter Violet's boyfriend woes and burping baby Jack Jack who just won't sleep the night away. Nice touch there about how easily Helen slips into her role outside while Bob is exhausted and out of his depth. There's a lovely sprinkling of reality like Helen, in the nail-biting midst of rescuing a train speeding in the opposite direction, has to take call from home for some typical mommy advice.

The pace is as fast as the super bike Elastigirl rides as she soon discovers that there's a super villain called Screenslaver who hypnotises people, including the super heroes. The evil one's aim is clearly to sabotage Winston's mission and destroy the credibility of superheroes as genuine do-gooders.

This would've been just another routine adventure of the Incredible family and friends like Frozone who band together to fight Screenslaver.

But Brad ups the cuteness quotient with Jack Jack, the Incredible gurgling baby who comes up with his own arsenal of super powers especially one where he takes on a raccoon.

Between the super-efficient animation team and the many voices, especially Eli Fucile voicing Jack Jack, Craig T Nelson for Bob and Holly Hunter for Helen, the Incredible family almost seems lifelike.


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The Verdict

The family that fights together stays together. And the family that watches Incredibles 2 will have a delightful outing together.

For a sequel that will have everybody chorusing an ‘Awww, so cute’, Incredibles 2 gets a 3.5* rating.


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