Fast And Furious 8

Fast And Furious 8 Movie Review 2017 : Fun, Fights & Family

Movie Name
Fast And Furious 8
F. Gary Gray
Action, Crime, Thriller
02 hours 16 minutes

Fast And Furious 8 Review

It literally rains cars. Showrooms have cars speeding off on their own. Vehicles take off from car parks and fall off dizzy heights to pile up on busy roads.

The 8th edition which is also titled The Fate Of The Furious has a fiery start with Vin Diesel as Dom in a breakneck car chase in Cuba. Besides proving that what matters is who’s behind the wheel, not what’s under the hood, it also establishes Dom as a damn nice guy.

But his idyllic honeymoon chatter about having a baby with wife Letty is interrupted when cyber-terrorist, Cipher blackmails him into returning to crime, that too on the side of the baddies. It pitches him against his own family, his own car-crazy team which includes Letty. The team that gave up the high of crime fighting for the bliss of domesticity is forced to return to contend with Dom who’s gone rogue.

Snowmobiles and a submarine join the fight as Cipher has her finger on the nuclear button with Dom under her command.

But with hunk Luke Hobbs and fast-fisted Deckard Shaw to provide the balance on the good and noble side, Cipher will be checkmated and the world will be safe...for a while.

Along with the no-brakes action, the fun spirit of the franchise also continues. In this edition, it comes from snarky dialogues. From Kurt Russell as Mr Nobody and Scott Eastwood as his trainee-assistant Little Nobody. The banter between Hobbs and Shaw who take potshots at each other even after being thrown together to fight against Cipher is light-hearted cheesy.

And even if it’s been done before, a cuddly cute baby as a side attraction in the centre of Shaw’s climax fight adds to the general feeling of ‘chill, don’t take this too seriously’.

However incredulous the spectacular action may seem, with Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham around, sequences like the jailbreak are polished and professional.

An open end ensures that evil will be back again. Hopefully, Charlize Theron as Cipher will have something more substantial to do the next time around instead of just pushing buttons and dropping a nasty line or two.

When the world is finally saved, at least for the time being, director F Gary Gray takes the team back to goodie-goodie family time and time to say grace at the long dining table. With gurgling Baby Dom as the new member.


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The Verdict

For a film that keeps the franchise fighting fit, Fast & Furious 8 gets a 3-star rating.


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