Cold Pursuit Movie Review 2019: Cold Revenge

Cold Pursuit Movie Review 2019: Cold Revenge

Movie Name
Cold Pursuit
Hans Petter Moland
Action, Drama, Thriller
01 hours 58 minutes

Cold Pursuit Review

There's a pattern in Liam Neeson's movies. He starts off as a regular good guy who keeps his nose clean. It's kept so clean in the small ski town of Kehoe, that he even bags the Best Citizen of the Year award and says peaceful things like, ‘I picked a good road and I want to stay on it.' Neeson is NelsCoxman, the snowplough driver of Kehoe. In the Norwegian original of Cold Pursuit, made by the same director, the character's called Dickman. Coxman, Dickman, you get the drift which way the jokes will blow. And that's about as dirty as it gets in this small, clean town.

Until Coxman's son, Kyle is killed.

Unlike Neeson'sTaken series where he had a violent professional past, the death of a son is enough to turn the placid man with only a menacing looking snow plough into a killing menace. There's a quirky drug lord called Viking at the top of the heap of creeps who had Kyle killed. Coxman must get to the top of the crime pyramid.

Director Hans Petter Moland does what works best. Take a revenge story set amidst heavy white snow and lace it with dark black humour. What I call morgue humour as the body count goes up. White snow and white bridal outfits make a nice backdrop for splashes of red as Coxman spills blood all over. Viking the kingpin too has a touch of the comic with the ridiculously straitjacketed menu he insists on for his little son Ryan.

There's wit in the black screen with white lettering and a small crucifix with the name of the new dead man every time there's a fresh killing or death. An Indian guy who's killed even gets an appropriate Om above his name on the black background.

With a son's death, so many killings and a maniacal drug lord on the loose, Moland still manages not to make it macabre as there are little jabs of humour or a thin layer of warmth in all that freezing snow. Like, Coxman kidnapping Ryan the good kid of the mad drug lord. Coxman reading a bedtime story to him is fun and Ryan generally having such a good time with him that he asks his kidnapper if he's heard of the Stockholm Syndrome. Cute.

With an irreverence to how many teeth are bloodied and broken and how many bullets are pumped into how many bodies until Kyle's death is avenged, there's the irresistible urge to take the implausible with a pinch of salt and enjoy it like a tequila shot.

Coxman's revenge sets off unintended chaos with a turf war between Viking and a Native American gang and a bigger pile of bullet-ridden bodies.

With Neeson's real-life son Micheal Richardson cast as screen son Kyle, the trademark Liam Neeson stuff looks and feels different this time. I'd say, go check it out. I did because I'm a Liam fan and I wasn't disappointed.

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The Verdict

For a quick moving revenge story that entertains in a twisted sort of way, Cold Pursuit gets a 3* rating.


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