Avengers: Endgame…And It’s a Goal

Avengers: Endgame…And It’s a Goal

Movie Name
Avengers: Endgame
Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
Action, Adventure, Fantasy
03 hours 01 minutes

Avengers: Endgame Review

Writing this review is like negotiating a vast piece of territory laden with landmines. You never know when you're going to step on one and let a spoiler explode. But let's give you a glimpse of how the land lies and hope not to reveal anything that'll spoil the experience of watching this epic mixture of super heroics and computer wizardry.

The culmination of over 20 movies spread over more than a decade that built the ever-burgeoning Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), had to give fans a satisfactory closure. A closure that the disheartening victory of super villain Thanos denied fans of the franchise in the last MCU outing,Infinity Wars.Brothers Anthony and Joe Russo make it up to the audience with a serving so large and expansive that it is infinitely more fulfilling this time with each character of the MCU getting a scene or two to pirouette briefly before the audience. Almost like the final bow before the curtain goes down on the most spectacular franchise of the movie industry.

It couldn't have been easy to pull it off. After Infinity Wars decimated half the population along with half the best-loved characters, turning them all into dust at the snap of a gloved finger from Thanos, bringing back a smorgasbord of super heroes needed one clever ploy.

Screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely must've rustled up a hundred different ways to swing that and finally decided to play safe: they take a five-year jump so that they can take a five-year leap backwards to undo what Thanos did in Infinity Wars.

Avengers who've survived the ‘to-dust-thou-returnest' holocaust of Thanos, split up and time travel to go back and collect the six soul stones that gave the super villain the power to annihilate half the world. The five years have changed some of them - after a difficult time switching from brainy Banner to brawny Hulk in Infinity Wars, Bruce has combined brain and brawn into one unbelievable entity with an adoring fan base. The five years have done something to Handsome Thor too. We'll leave that surprise look unrevealed right now.

And so, combining the usual banter, wit, affection and romantic chemistry into the mix, the super heroes restore the world to as normal as it could get. But there are hard choices to make for everybody - sacrifice or save the universe; heroics or home. The Avengers do what's right and the finale is like a grand entry and send off to characters who've been so well-loved over the years that you spot one and feel like you've come home. Whether Peter Parker, Black Panther or Dr Strange, Marvel makes it feel like the arrival of family.Even computer-generated characters like Thanos, Hulk, Rocket and Groot feel like long lost buddies you've had a good time with before.

As is the norm today, the writing takes extra care to be inclusive in the representation of diverse cultures in the super hero room. Brie Larsen as Captain Marvel had already set the tone for some female power in MCU which gets enhanced with many more reinforcing her especially in one major face-off with Thanos.

In this expensive $350-400 super hero extravaganza, what sustains the viewer through over three hours of watching with 3D glasses is that the special effects don't overwhelm the characters or their traits and ties.
Thanos repeats his line, ‘I'm inevitable' to which Robert Downey Jr gets to say, ‘And I'm (pause) Iron Man'.

It's always reassuring watching Robert Downey Jr, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Jeremy Runner, Scarlet Johansson and Benedict Cumberbatch with Bradley Cooper voicing Rocket Raccoon and Josh Brolin giving life to Thanos.

Disclaimer: We are proud that LehrenTV reviewer Bharathi S Pradhan has been appointed an advisory member of the prestigious CBFC. However, her reviews reflect her personal appraisal of a film and do not in any way speak on behalf of the Censor Board.

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The Verdict

For correcting what went wrong with the world and keeping the fun alive, Avengers: Endgame gets a 4* rating.


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