A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born Movie Review 2018: An Actress And A Director Are Born

Movie Name
A Star Is Born
Bradley Cooper
Drama , Music , Romance
02 hours 16 minutes

A Star Is Born Review

There have been many versions of A Star Is Born, the last one was in 1976 with Barbra Streisand. But its 2018 avatar is a far superior film that stays respectfully true to where it came from while taking a route of its own. And that's possible only because Bradley Cooper, in his debut outing as director, turns out to be a surprisingly neat story-teller. Additionally, it's quite a coup he's pulled off by getting Lady Gaga to make her acting debut with him and top-line the show.

After a packed show, when singing star Jackson Maine finishes his bottle in the car and strays into a gay bar inadvertently, he's good-natured enough to stay on and watch the performances of the drag queens. Until he chances upon Ally, the one non-gay around who sings ‘La Vie En Rose'to much applause. Meeting her later in her room where he asks for permission before plucking off her false eyebrow and then gently insisting that he'll wait until she comes out as the girl she truly is, gives away who Jackson Maine is - a musician who likes to keep it real.

Lady Gaga (as Ally) emerging with a clean, scrubbed face, her natural hair and a big nose she's conscious of is a refreshing change and Jack finds that truly beautiful. He with those warm, kind eyes, makes a believably gentle date as they set out for a drink where Ally throws a punch at someone and bruises her hand. ‘Do you play the piano?' he asks her. ‘Then we should take care of those hands.' He goes on to tape a frozen bag of peas on her hand outside a convenience store. Rather sweet and caring.

He gets glimpses of the lyricist in her, tells her a secret that he thinks she's got a very good writer in her, then charmingly tells her he's not very good at keeping secrets. He lives up to it when he has her flown in style to his next gig where he gets her to sing ‘Shallow' with him. She's a hit. He loves it. And their chemistry is easy, natural, this love story is for real.

Following the A Star Is Born trajectory, her climb to stardom and his crash to self-implosion mess with their lives.

Hindi film audience will find the ending similar to Aashiqui 2 complete with Lady Gaga introducing herself as Ally Maine before singing one of his love songs. Welcome to Hindi cinema, Mr Cooper.


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The Verdict

Lady Gaga’s easy performance on her debut makes the title ‘A Star Is Born’ a perfect fit for her. But a star director too is born with Bradley Cooper acting, directing and writing (with a team) like a champion.

For a love story that hits many high notes, A Star Is Born gets a 3* rating.


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