Kedarnath Trailer Review 2018: A Soul-Stirring Story Of True Love

Movie Name
Abhishek Kapoor
Drama, Romance
00 hours 03 minutes

Kedarnath Review

They say that there is some light at the end of every darkness, and Yes, this can be said in the case of Abhishek Kapoor's Kedarnath starring Sushant Singh Rajput and Sara Ali Khan.

After facing a lot of hassles, the trailer of Kedarnath is finally here and will send shivers down your spine.

So the trailer starts with the story of a young Muslim Sushant Singh Rajput residing in the mountainous regions of Kedarnath soulfully spending his life in serving the pilgrimage people.

Soon he falls in love with a Hindu girl Sara Ali Khan, but the barriers of religion set their firm footsteps in their relationship which later is unaccepted by the society.

And there it starts, with the devastating Uttarakhand floods that hit the state in 2013 remains to be known, the trailer takes you back in time.

As Sushant has already proved his acting prowess, it is Sara Ali Khan who is successful in showing her acting mettle in each and every frame.

Her acting, her expressions, her dialogue delivery, her overall screen presence is just so powerful that we actually think that Sara will be the next-gen superstar of Bollywood. Sara just reminds us of her mother Amrita Singh with her beautiful face and acting.

The trailer shows the picturesque landscapes of Uttarakhand thereby also showing the devastating sight after the tragedy. Visuals of water rolling down from slides to destroying each and everything including life, the trailer has it all.

The official synopsis of the trailer reads "प्यार की इक अध्भुत यात्रा , इबादत के दर से आगे."


  • Dialogues
  • Audience Attention
  • Background Music
  • Star Cast

The Verdict

With such an intriguing storyline and stellar star cast, Kedarnath seems to be awaited by the audience.


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