Haseena Teaser Review: This Haseena will give you Paseena!

Movie Name
Apoorva Lakhia
Crime, Drama
00 hours 01 minutes

Haseena Review

The much ‘anticipated’ trailer of Haseena is here and we can’t help but gasp at how much Shraddha has transformed for this movie! From the innocent Bechari image of hers, she has turned into this dark lady that it took time for us to take in. The teaser of the movie opens talking about how the identity of this lady don is going to be with her brother’s name and not her name. What we see next are scenes that follow the same theme, where Haseena is blamed for being Dawood’s sister and threatened, that her life is going to be in news always, because of her relation to Dawood. While we may have seen the character of Dawood being essayed many times, very seldom have we come across this interesting character of the Mumbai Godmother aka Dawood’s only real sister Haseena Parker. With such an interesting back drop from the movie, one can expect nothing but an intense crime drama. The teaser also throws some facts on us, which we as common audience will be gawking at. One of them being that Haseena apparently had 88 cases filed against her, but it has only been once when she was present for the court hearings. While we only got to see Shraddha’s side shots throughout the teaser, it was finally in the end that we got to see something that stunned us completely. Shraddha Kapoor sitting in a dark black suit and making her legacy pretty clear with her “Aapa Yaad Reh Gaya Na, Naam Yaad Rakhne Ki Zaroorat Nahi Hai.” But what remains questionable here is our ohh so sweet the girl next door Shraddha Kapoor will be able to carry out this famous dark character or not! As the pressure that comes with this biopic is immense!


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The Verdict

This Haseena is giving us the rightful Paseena! Sure, it is making us all intrigued; wanting to know more about her life and leaving us excited about the trailer. Shraddha Kapoor also looks as if she has really worked very hard on the movie. All in all a 3.5 star rating to this teaser


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