Gurgaon Movie Review 2017

Gurgaon Movie Review 2017: Compelling Premise For A Flawed Story

Movie Name
Shanker Ramen
Thriller, Suspense
01 hours 47 minutes

Gurgaon Review

Shanker Raman who is known for his really good work as a cameraperson in films like Rocky Handsome, Peepli Live and Harud has tried his hand in direction for the first time with Gurgaon. While we have to say that the actor has done a great job in creating the picture perfect Gurgaon and showing the hard hitting reality of how things actually are in Gurgaon which are hidden in the fog of development but all this effort has been let down by a weakish story, characterization, and performances.

The story revolves around a big shot Gurgaon family who rose from poverty after Kehri Singh played by Pankaj Tripathi adopts a baby girl Preet. Kehri Singh has done unimaginable things to be the rich guy he is and he thinks that Preet's presence is responsible for his success. While he loves Preet played by Ragini Khanna, he always gives a sore eye to his son Nikki played by Akshay Oberoi who impresses with his poker face and cat eyes but gets repetitive and boring in the second half of the movie.

Nikki is jealous for obvious reasons and his bad habit of betting gets him trouble and meanwhile, Preet gets kidnapped. The ransom has been asked by 2 parties which will give you the feels of Anurag Kashyap's Ugly and the confusion begins. The plotline is simple and has been given a Noir Treatment but the character development is weak which makes the flashbacks unnecessary at times.

Pankaj Tripathi has given us some really memorable performances like Sultan Qureshi in Gangs of Waseypur and Naved Ansari in Powder and tries his best to make us relate to the character of Kehri Singh who is supposed to be the old lion but turns out to be nothing but a drunkard old man. Ragini Khanna also gives her best but it is Akshay Oberoi who looked promising in the beginning but couldn't give the uplift to Gurgaon when needed.

It is clear that Gurgaon director Shanker Raman wanted to show us the poetic justice through the course but the message couldn't come up very clearly. While the first half of the movie gives you the Ugly feels and is slow, the second half gets better but it wasn't enough.


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The Verdict

All in all, Gurgaon gets a big thumbs up for creating the reality on the big screen but lets you down when it comes to doing justice to the strong premise with a compelling enough story and that is why we give this movie a 2.5-star rating.


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