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Gurmeet Chaudhary

Wajah Tum Ho Movie Review 2016: No Wajah to Watch It

Vishal Pandya
02 hours 16 minutes


The basic premise holds promise. A sleazy ACP who’s just forced himself on a girl and strikes under-the-table deals gets his just desserts. On live TV, no less. He’s tortured and his murder is telecast live by someone who’s hacked into the Global Times Network satellite. Since his TRPs are soaring, the network’s young and arrogant owner Rahul Oberoi comes under suspicion. But Siya, his sexy lawyer who’s introduced reciting the Gayatri Mantra to establish her purity, proves in court that the police team led by upright officer Kabir Deshmukh has no proof against Rahul. Up against Siya in court is her own boyfriend Ranveer, the public prosecutor.

Kabir goes at his case like a jigsaw puzzle. But just when he pieces together a link between Rahul Oberoi, the dead ACP and a shady businessman called Karan Parekh, there’s another murder that’s telecast on the same network.

All of this could have made an interesting film but director Vishal Pandya manages to make it tacky on every front. The sex-and-murder mystery mix can work if it’s done with sophistication. But this is crass all the way.

Sana Khan plays Siya with labored seduction and no expression. A plump and bland Zarine Khan and a tired Sherlyn Chopra, walk in and out of hackneyed item songs in skimpy, tasteless clothes. Siya and Ranveer smooch so often that it’s like watching the credit titles of Befikre.

The dull screenplay gets no help from the pedestrian dialogues. It’s a letdown that a music company like T-Series remixes old favorites like Mahi ve and Pal do pal ke paas with only one original song which too has little audio appeal.

Rajniesh Duggal as the media moghul looks dapper but lacks energy in his performance. Gurmeet Choudhary as lawyer-boyfriend Ranveer looks as baffled and uninspired as the viewer. And you wonder what an efficient actor like Sharman Joshi, who plays the tough Kabir Deshmukh, is doing in such a crude setup.

After all the show of skin and general lack of finesse, there’s a token gesture made to show a woman as the main driver in the mystery. Which falls flat in the cheap storytelling. Vishal Pandya attempts to infuse style into the lawyer’s role by having Sana spout English. But with wrong diction and non-existent words like “logicless”, it adds to the overall lack of class.


  • Dialogues
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The Verdict

For a shabby film that has nothing to entice you into the theater, Wajah Tum Ho gets a 1.5-star rating.


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