Total Dhamaal Movie Review 2019: Totally Kiddish

Total Dhamaal Movie Review 2019: Totally Kiddish

Movie Name
Total Dhamaal
Indra Kumar
Action, Adventure, Comedy
02 hours 10 minutes

Total Dhamaal Review

Indra Kumar comes up with yet another recycled variation of It's A Mad Mad World.

Unapologetically silly, if you're mentally ready to go for an implausible ride with helicopters made out of autorickshaws and a hi-tech car that can chase you full of flames, you could smile at some of the infantile comedy.

Like the Commissioner of Police repeatedly looking back and getting kicked until the one time he doesn't and there's a train coming up at him from behind. The Commissioner is a crook, his black money has been gypped by Radhe and his sidekick who in turn have been conned by Pinto who's killed in a helicopter crash.

Reaching the site are warring couple Avinash and Bindu who want a divorce, Radhe and his sidekick, and Lalla and his mate who're such crooks that they go for the highest bidder even during a fire rescue. Jobless Adi and lollipop sucking brother Manav also land there in a stolen hi-tech car. And the crooked Commissioner with his junior turns up too. Before dying, Pinto discloses that he's hidden the stolen Rs 500 million in a zoo.

The mad rush to the zoo begins with everybody wanting a share of the loot. Each pair lands in one peril or the other. The Gods rescueLallanand then dump him when he oscillates between offering a kilo of laddoos and going back on the promise, and Manav uses a snake instead of a rope to rescue Adi who's sinking in the sand. With silliness on a loop, everybody reaches the zoo. Enter Chinnappa the Tamil-spouting villain who's going to kill the animals and replace the zoo with a big-profit building.

Despite the general juvenility and the utter predictability of every scene, Indra Kumar gets the comic surright. Small kids will enjoy watching the baby animals who're rescued from Chinnappa's evil even if the CGI is kindergarten level. The comic timing of the array of actors including Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Ajay Devgn, Sanjay Mishra, Riteish Deshmukh, Arshad Warsi, Jaaved Jaffrey and Boman Irani is spot on.

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The Verdict

While the dialogues and a few situations do make you smile, it’s the outdatedness of the premise and narration that are alarming.

For an old-fashioned, stress-free comedy, Total Dhamaal gets a 2.5* rating.


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