Student Of The Year 2: Banking On Tiger

Student Of The Year 2: Banking On Tiger

Movie Name
Student Of The Year 2
Punit Malhotra
Comedy, Romance, Drama, Teen
02 hours 30 minutes

Student Of The Year 2 Review


The original which was released in 2012 had two heroes and one girl.

Flip it around for the second edition and there’s Rohan Sachdev, one hero with

two girls, Mia and Shreya.

You hark back to 1992 when a campus film called Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander which

was inspired by Archie comics was released with Aamir Khan in the lead. The

same rich kids’ school versus the poor kids gets repeated by director Punit

Malhotra, complete with the Archie comics feel.

But there ends the similarity with the far superior Aamir Khan film though

writer Arshad Syed’s story continues to generously borrow from elsewhere

too. From Farah Khan’s Main Hoon Na campus comes a principal like Boman

Irani who forgets what he’s saying and a female teacher who messes up her

English words. From Anupama, a Hrishikesh Mukherjee film made in the 60s,

comes Shreya’s richie-rich father who hates his daughter and won’t celebrate

her birthday because his wife died while giving birth to her. From the original

Student Of The Year arrives a gay teacher, this time female. Only, it doesn’t

raise the laughs Rishi Kapoor did seven years ago.


Besides the many obvious inspirations behind Syed’s writing, the campus is

solely about dance competitions and sports rivalries, nobody ever steps into a

classroom. And the face-off is largely between super rich Manav Singh Rathore

from snooty Saint Teresa and Rohan Sachdev from lowly Pishorilal Chamandas

who outrun each other at marathons, outplay each other at kabaddi and

outstep each other on the dance floor when they’re not exchanging nasty


It takes the whole first half for Rohan to discover that Mridula, the girl he’s

loved since they were kids, isn’t the same once she steps into the school for

snobs. Changing from Mridula to Mia is cosmetic while her vacillating

affections don’t run deep either. Her goals in life are his until she dumps him as

a loser and Rohan tells himself that one must have one’s own dream and

follow it.

Shreya fits in as Manav’s spoilt rich sister who’s the queen bitch of the campus

who chews gum and blows bubbles like Amrita Rao did in Main Hoon Na. She

has her knife into Rohan for dancing better than her Until there’s the

predictable change of heart.


Overwhelming are Tiger Shroff’s nimble feet and famous agility with bulging

muscles around which scenes have been written.


But how one wishes the writing had been more cohesive and credible with

great emotional content. While the rich sneering at the poor and bashing them

up with impunity is outdated, all the relationships have neither consistency nor

substance. Shreya’s bad behaviour in the introduction doesn’t show traces of

a lonely life or a father who hates her. They come like afterthoughts after a

while. Mia carries a torch for guys who’re heroic on the field and have glitzy

rich toys. She takes turns with Shreya to say sorry to Rohan. Meanwhile, when

Shreya knew she was in love with Rohan or when Rohan’s heart chose one of

the two girls, is not organic and leaves one feeling empty. Even Rohan’s

relationship with his chacha and chachi is left hanging.


With a forgettable song every time there’s a break in the fights, one misses the

energy of numbers like ‘Radha teri chuniri’.

Both new girls dance impressively but Tara Sutaria who has the confused role

of Mia and is shortchanged in the bargain. Ananya Panday has more colour in

her role which makes her a more interesting watch. She’s pretty and she

dances superbly. Tiger Shroff continues to be a delight when fighting, dancing

and jumping over rooftops. Aditya Seal as Manav matches Tiger’s agility and

acts well too.

Disclaimer: We are proud that LehrenTV reviewer Bharathi S Pradhan has been appointed an advisory member of the prestigious CBFC. However, her reviews reflect her personal appraisal of a film and do not in any way speak on behalf of the Censor Board.


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The Verdict

It’s Tiger’s physicality and dancing prowess that make it watchable. Add to it
the youth power of the main cast. But is that good enough to hold 146 minutes
together? Ultimately Punit Malhotra is let down by the unexciting writing he’s
had to work with. Even the climax face-off whose outcome is so predictable,
lacks the thrill to keep you on the edge of the seat or jump up and root for the


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