Satyameva Jayate Movie Review

Satyameva Jayate Movie Review 2018: Truth is Timeless

Movie Name
Satyameva Jayate
Milap Zaveri
Action, Thriller
02 hours 21 minutes

Satyameva Jayate Review

Once in a while, an old-fashioned film comes along that catches the mood of the moment.

Writer-director Milap Zaveri succeeds in repackaging a frequently told idea. In the 80s there were plenty of movies on corruption in the police force with the hero finally exposing the main man behind it.

Milap writes in the story of Vir, a vigilante who challenges the Mumbai police force by violently killing their most corrupt men.

If the police can't protect their own, how will they inspire confidence in the public? The Commissioner puts his best officer DCP Shivansh on the job to nab the vigilante. Known for his integrity, Shivansh gets to work but Vir outsmarts him at every turn and kills a few more corrupt cops practically under his nose.

The first warning one must give the viewer is that it is a screenplay of convenience where Vir is omnipresent and seems to know more about the police force than Shivansh does. It's also too easy that Vir who is so careful to cover his tracks incriminates himself openly during an art exhibition. There's old style appeasement too with an innocent Muslim victim, namaaz and muharram scenes in an obvious force-fit.

If one can accept the action entertainer as it is and not look for logic everywhere, then Milap provides a twist or two that keep it moving. The relationship between Vir and Shivansh that's revealed much into the film is one such moment.The climax where Vir unveils the most corrupt of them all may also surprise some of the audience.

While the story is something that's been seen before, it's the way Milapunfolds it that's different. And that's where he'll score along with the action sequences.

Being an Independence Day offering, he strikes the right note of patriotism. John Abraham as Vir and Manoj Bajpayee as Shivansh pull off the cat-n-mouse routine with credibility, even their performances catering clearly to a mass audience.

Although an item number is also an old ploy, the remix of Dilbar dilbar is pleasant on the ear.


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The Verdict

For a fair masala entertainer, Satyameva Jayate gets a 3* rating.


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