Race 3

Race 3 Movie Review 2018: Where's The Fun, Bro?

Movie Name
Race 3
Remo D'Souza
Action, Thriller
02 hours 40 minutes

Race 3 Review

What do you expect from this franchise? A ‘racy-pacey' script, eye-catching locales, snazzy cars and stylish stars?

The production values of Race 3 ensure that the gloss, a Khan in the lead and fabulous locations are all lined up.

A family tree is presented with patriarch Shamsher Singh's opening swagger where he establishes that nobody can beat him at his game. His game is to supply illegal arms all over the world and he operates from an island of his own called Al Shifa.

Shamsher has his bodyguard and 24/7 shadow Raghu. He also has twin children Sanjana who loves extreme sports and Suraj who's always hot-headed. And there's stepson Sikander with Yash, his own loyal sidekick.

In keeping with the flavour of the franchise, you know there'll soon be double-crossing and the plot will thicken. But the problem with Remo D'souza's direction is that the first half barely moves. In fact, all through, there are more action and dance sequences than a director at work.

There is another problem. Although the fights are plenty in number, they are old-fashioned one-man army kind of set pieces but they don't quite pack a new punch. The action choreographer has to be desperate if all he can come up with is cars being blown up at regular intervals and Salman as Sikandar flying off roofs and cliffs like Batman.

The songs and dances, including romantic ones, don't have melody or beat and it only perks up a bit when you hear Allah duhai, which is thanks to Pritam from an older edition of Race.

The second half has the twists in the plot that you're waiting for. But there are two more problems. One, despite the twists, somehow Remo does not manage to bring in the adrenaline thrill that Abbas-Mustan were so good at. Two, except for Anil Kapoor as Shamsher and Salman Khan as Sikander, you miss watching really polished actors. With Daisy Shah. Saqib Saleem and Bobby Deol around, somehow it's not suave enough. There's Jacqueline Fernandez too in a hazy role which doesn't make up for the sizzle the franchise normally serves.

The earlier editions of Race also had their own brand of comedy with Anil Kapoor but this time it takes itself too seriously to have any fun. There's no wit or heft in any of the dialogues even when Salman's advocating that ultimately it's all about family. There's also a strange mix of too many English dialogues with ‘Bro' and ‘Weirdo' all over the place and sudden pieces in Bhojpuri. It ends up catering to neither audience.


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The Verdict

Being an Eid offering from Salman, it will have its loyal supporters. But with far too much footage given to the unexciting support cast, Salman’s fans will only get to cheer when he’s in those implausible fights or when he takes off his shirt. Which is a pity because Salman having some fun on the screen would’ve been welcome.

For a film that misses the thrilling entertainment associated with the franchise, Race 3 gets only a 2.5* rating.


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