Raabta Movie

Raabta Movie Review 2017: A Distinct Disconnect

Movie Name
Dinesh Vijan
Thriller, Romance, Fantasy
02 hours 28 minutes

Raabta Review

Shiv is adventurous, he jumps into water from bridges. Saira has aqua phobia, she’s petrified of water. The guy’s cheesy-flirtatious and a banker, she makes chocolates and kisses him right away. “I never really do that,” she tells herself.

When liquor baron Zak Merchant, obviously the negative force, enters the scene, she befriends him too right away, saying she never really does that.
It’s actually when the bad one arrives that Raabta completely disconnects as a Mirzyan kind of past life with clan wars, lovers, and killings, explain Saira’s connection with the two men.

For his debut as a director, Dinesh Vijan chooses lovely locations in Europe and his lead pair deliver. But a twisted, desperate man out to thwart the lovers has been seen so many times before that it provides no thrilling moment anymore. Worse, the flashback into a past life makes it so comatose that even DeepikaPadukone breaking into a bored Raabta item can’t revive it.

The writing is to take the rap for it as the screenplay with the tiresome past life completely saps whatever energy there was. And the dialogues try so hard to be meaningful that it’s exhausting. ‘Is gaadi mein tumhari duvidha ke liye jagah hai’, says the rich villain, inviting Saira into his car. ‘Economics toh samjha, lekin chemistry bhi koi cheezhai,’ says the hero, drawing her away from the liquor baron. But before that, he’d accused women of preferring 'heera' to a hero. Pretty un-savvy statement to make.

With the writing so abysmal, what’s to draw you to Raabta? KritiSanon is efficient heroine material but it’s Sushant Singh Rajput who has the charisma. In fact the few watchable moments are when he’s around with his likeable charm, allowing you to smile even at the end.


  • Dialogues
  • Story
  • Music
  • Screen Play

The Verdict

If you are an SSR loyalist, go watch Raabta. For everybody else, there’s little to keep you in your seat. For a film that’s beaten by ‘slumbersome’ writing, Raabta gets a 2 stars rating.


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