Poster Boys Movie Review

Poster Boys Movie Review 2017: Good Old-fashioned Fun

Movie Name
Poster Boys
Shreyas Talpade
02 hours 11 minutes

Poster Boys Review

It's a big ‘If'.

If you can go back in time where you were comfortable with loud and old-fashioned comedy, the kind regional cinema makes with success, you'll enjoy Poster Boys.

If you can additionally switch off and stop looking for reasonable solutions to certain situations, then join retired fauji Jagaavar Chaudhry, school master Vinay Sharma and recovery agent, Arjun Singh, as they squirm while they're shamed. Their only common link: all three have been unethically used as poster boys for a family planning programme recommending a vasectomy. And all three are being shamed in the village for having lost their ‘manhood', their ‘prowess' and their ‘power', and for making it public.

Contrary to the poster, the three haven't gone under the knife. But they have to fire-fight to keep their personal lives from falling apart and get a public apology from the government officials responsible for the muff-up.

First time director Shreyas Talpade who's known for his fantastic comic timing as an actor, shows the same flair for making scenes and characters wacky and witty. Sunny Deol as Chaudhry Saab has a fondness for pouting and taking selfies with everybody. But when he's riled, watch out for that famous dhai-kilo-ka-haath. Deol loyalists will enjoy his pouts and his punches.

Bobby Deol as Vinay Sharma, the meek, shudh Hindi-spouting school master who keeps having memory lapses, adds to the congenial mirth. With his wife wanting a third child, a baby boy this time, and he a poster boy for the vasectomy, there's plenty of laughs out there.

Shreyas as Arjun the recovery agent with two ruffians by his side has the right swagger. He adores his girlfriend but you can be sure there's hell raised when the vasectomised lover makes his proposal.

Using a simple, straight forward narrative style, Shreyas packs in some really funny moments. Like one in a challenged photographer's studio where questions and answers are thrown around like a dumb charades game. And Ashwini Kalshekar as the gynaecologist continues to be my favourite comedienne.

Without a doubt, there's nothing elitist in the rustic setting or mindset. And there are lapses in logic. While a simple medical test would've sufficed to prove that the three guys haven't gone through vasectomy, they go to court and then to the people for a prolonged climax. If you can laugh away such lapses, the film will do its bit to entertain and top it up with relevant social messages on the girl child and family planning.


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The Verdict

Like Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, the comedy ultimately emphasises certain important social messages and uses humour to send them across. Deol fans will also be amused with comic references to Bobby’s film Soldier and to Sunny’sBorder. For sending out the right signals to society through a harmless route of humour, Poster Boys gets a 3* rating.


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