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Pihu Movie Review 2018: Chilling But Not For The Faint-Hearted

Movie Name
Kapri Vinod
Drama , Thriller
02 hours 02 minutes

Pihu Review

It's one of those movies where I held my breath and watched it through my fingers.

A two-year-old toddler is left to her own devices all day when her mother doesn't wake up in the morning. It's a high-rise to boot where danger lurks in every balcony of the apartment but neighbours are, as always, blissfully unaware of what's happening next door.

A normal household with an iron, a refrigerator, an oven or a gas connection turns into a potential death chamber when a toddler is left unattended.

Director Vinod Kapri who said he was inspired by a real-life report on a five-year-old in similar circumstances, makes a heartrending and heart-stopping thriller. Little Pihu could fall from the balcony or be electrocuted any moment which makes it an anxious watch. Her innocence even in basics like using the washroom or finding herself something to eat is so realistic that your heart goes out to her. It's a dangerous and poignant situation that could happen to any child and that keeps the tension going.

Although the pace does drop at times and it gets repetitive, Kapri gets such an adorable performance out of Myra Vishwakarma as Pihuthat you want to know what's going to happen to her. Cleverly, Myra's real-life mother is cast as the parent who doesn't wake up, perhaps making it easier for the toddler to act as endangered Pihu. Kapri also has an appropriate background score accompanying his narration.

But there's supposed to be a social message wrapped up in all that high-tension. A message to couples not to carry their fights so far that it can bring tragedy into their lives.

Kapri doesn't score on that front as all one carries home is the nightmare day of a two-year-old who is too tiny to even be aware that she's in danger. It therefore comes across solely as a thriller and not as a social drama.


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The Verdict

For a film that’s frightening in a very different way but is not for the timid watcher, Pihu gets a 3* rating.


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