Phullu Movie Review

Phullu Movie Review 2017: Fully Ineffective

Movie Name
Abhishek Saxena
01 hours 36 minutes

Phullu Review

Director Abhishek Saxena may have wanted to tell the story of a village simpleton and general do-gooder who single-mindedly pursues his dream of providing free or low-cost sanitary pads to rural women. But it’s a classic case of a good thought not growing into a good screenplay at any point.

When Phullu is also a ‘no-gooder’ who freeloads at home while his ageing mother works hard to make a living, he is too flawed a character to empathise with.

Despite the whole village asking him to go and earn a living, Phullu shamelessly lives off his mother, even demanding more roti from her. When she gets him married hoping he’ll change, Phullu worsens by spending all his time with his wife behind closed doors even in broad daylight.

Given this humourless scenario, it’s not possible to root for Phullu when he uses his mother’s hard-earned savings on sanitary pads for everybody. The thought that pads are hygienic and must be made affordable in every village is noble. But Phullu’s obsession with it which repulses everybody in his village also puts off the viewer.

For instance, Phullu addresses the women of his village about trying out his handmade pads which naturally irks them. The screenplay is so faulty that it doesn’t even explore the option of his wife talking to the women instead of him. To show him as innocent about menstrual cycles even after he’s long married also defies logic.

In any case, right from the start, Phullu seems a bit too curious about women’s monthly periods to come off as an endearing simpleton.

Although the village ambience is well-created, the film is witless with a singular dullness prevailing right through. The social message it seeks to put across thus remains undelivered.

Cast in the main role of Phullu, the unconventional, unknown Sharib Hashmi who was delightful in Filmistan is let down by an illogical narrative.


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The Verdict

Phullu fails to translate an important message into a healthy film and will therefore also fail to entice an audience into the cinema halls. Phullu gets a 2 Star rating.


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