Paltan Movie Review

Paltan Movie Review 2018: A Rusty Template

Movie Name
J P Dutta
Drama, History, War
02 hours 30 minutes

Paltan Review

The timing is right for there is a growing awareness and pride in our soldiers who guard our borders.

JP Dutta also is a veteran at creating the right atmosphere where camaraderie and courage propel the lives of our army men. It is moving when you watch their sacrifices and the bereaved families they leave behind.

This time JP Dutta harks back to 1967 when India successfully defended Nathula against Chinese incursion. On the Indian side, the men are full of brio as they seek to take revenge for past defeats and unfair attacks in which hundreds of Indian soldiers lost their lives.

This really is the right time to tell a story of valour on the border. However, JP Dutta bases it on the exact blueprint that he has already overused with Border and LOC. When he goes into a village to show a soldier as an ideal farmer's son who loves mithikikhushboo and the girl who's waiting for him, you know who's not coming back alive. Dutta's narration is that outdated and obvious.

There's also an unfortunate cardboard feel to the characters with the Chinese coming across more as cartoons than as the wily enemy.

There are the stock expected scenes of all the men sitting around a fire looking at pictures of their families the night before a landmark battle with a plaintive song in the background.

In an overlong film, Dutta has several skirmishes on the border which are likeWestside Story, like two sets of college boys throwing punches at each other. The seriousness of the situation is lost in these endless immaturely picturised fights.

What is interesting is the cast with Jackie Shroff as the Major General, Arjun Rampal as the Lt Col and Sonu Sood as the Major. They're all suitably starched though there's an overdose of English dialogues between the officers. Dutta swings from too much English to too much Punjabi, making one wonder who his audience is.

Harshvardhan Rane as the Major with aggro makes a hammy entry before settling down to show his great body. Luv Sinha has an impressive voice and controlled dialogue delivery. Siddhanth Kapoor as an interpreter who switches from Hindi to Chinese and back again is comfortable in his uniform.

But honestly, JP Dutta has to change his filmmaking style. While the sentiments he wants to evoke are noble, it's his narration that brings a disconnect and discontent. Anu Mallik also doesn't have a Border or Refugee kind of score to keep the overlong film alive.


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The Verdict

For a well-intentioned film that’s overstretched and as dull as a flat documentary, Paltan gets a 2* rating.


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