Namaste England

Namaste England Movie Review 2018: Goodbye, Entertainment

Movie Name
Namaste England
Vipul Amrutlal Shah
Comedy, Romance
02 hours 15 minutes

Namaste England Review

It's so unbelievably absurd in theme and telling that even outlining the story is an inane experience.

There's instant love between Param and Jasmeet but Jasmeet's grandfather won't tolerate the idea of romance or of her having a career. There's something wrong right away when director Vipul Shah surrounds Jasmeet with a bunch of really sidey friends with one clicking her tongue annoyingly for no reason.

Even after Param's father makes it look like an arranged match and swings the marriage between them, Jasmeet's grandfather makes them vow that she will never be a working woman.

It's a great marriage except that Jasmeet is obsessed with settling abroad and having a career. But there's much ado over their visa as Suresh Nair and Ritesh Shah write in a really lame scene where somebody influential makes sure Param never gets one.

Going to London on a fake marriage to get residency and the distress of illegal immigrants are suchhare-brained and outdated tracks that it begins to seem like Param and Jasmeet are caricatures in a vaudeville gone terribly wrong.

When the entire film is ludicrous, one may not ask rational questions like, where Jasmeet's grandfather disappeared after what she does is much worse than going out to work.

Unfortunately, Arjun Kapoor's bulky, ungroomed appearance and his unanimated performance add to the flop show. Even the usually effervescent Parineeti Chopra looks pale and disconnected. Satish Kaushik and his ‘darling' are so painful that they can't even be called poor comedy.


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The Verdict

For a film that’s unreasonably old-fashioned and unrelentingly incoherent, Namaste England gets a 1.5* rating.


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