Judwaa 2 Movie Review 2017

Judwaa 2 Movie Review 2017: Doubles Do Delight

Movie Name
Judwaa 2
David Dhawan
02 hours 30 minutes

Judwaa 2 Review

Hand it to David Dhawan. A whole decade after he directed the box-office entertainer Judwaa with Salman Khan in a double role, David manages a repeat with son Varun Dhawan.

The template’s the same. Raja and Prem, conjoined at birth and separated soon after, reflexively emulate each other’s actions. Charles, a criminal, takes one of the two babies to make his escape and dumps him on a railway track. Raja grows up tough with the fisherfolk of Versova, singing songs where he rhymes Bappa Moriya with ‘Choriyaan’. Twin Prem Malhotra who is brought up in luxury by his biological parents in London is soft and musically inclined.

When Raja gets into a scrap with rude Rocky and his thugs, he has to flee to London with his lisping sidekick Nandu.

If you look for neither sensible explanations nor politically correct humour, Judwaa 2 is harmless entertainment. Some of the humour comes from Nandu’s speech defect with one sequence where one of Rocky’s thugs also lisps. But most of the fun is when one twin does exactly what the other is doing.

As warned earlier, don’t ask questions like why the twin reactions happen only selectively. Or why Charles the criminal’s brother-in-law who swears take revenge on his behalf does nothing for two decades. Or how Raja and Nandu land so neatly on their feet in London. Or why Prem doesn’t tell his parents that he’s met a look-alike.

Give your brain a rest and you can actually chuckle at Prem clutching his groin, punching with force, winking or smooching a girl because his twin is doing that elsewhere.

Sajid and Farhad’s dialogues base their humour on rhyming words like ‘lungi’ and ‘pungi’, and on Nandu’s lisp where he says ‘thoon’ for ‘khoon’. But it is funny in parts. Like Nandu telling Raja that the air hostess too must have a speech defect too because she said ‘turbulence’ instead of ‘ambulance’.

Yunus Sajawal writes a screenplay that makes convenient stops for gags even if it does drag in places and ends abruptly.

Apart from reprising old hits of the franchise like ‘Chalti hai kya nau se barah’, there isn’t any fresh chartbuster.

But what works is Varun Dhawan who carries off Raja and Prem with a likable earnestness. Varun’s comic timing, his dances and his fights that land a punch, make him a complete masala packet.

Rajpal Yadav as Nandu is once again twitch-perfect with his comedy.

Taapsee Pannu who enters with a hairstyle resembling a sadhu and Jacqueline Fernandes fill in the slots for glamour.

Salman Khan’s arrival as the original is a good touch to the franchise but I wish it had been a funnier sequence.


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  • Screen Play

The Verdict

Judwaa 2 does not improve on the first instalment but manages to keep it afloat.
Being a clean entertainer, it should continue Varun Dhawan’s unbroken string of box-office successes and fetches a 3 Star rating.


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