Hope Aur Hum Movie Review

Hope Aur Hum Movie Review 2018: Old And New, Ho Hum

Movie Name
Hope Aur Hum
Sudip Bandyopadhyay
Comedy, Drama, Family
01 hours 36 minutes

Hope Aur Hum Review

The Srivastavas are a perfect family.

Cricket-crazy schoolboy Anu is perky and his running commentary that continues when neighbour Guptaji passes away makes a perfectly humorous beginning.

But heartbreaks are never far away.

Dadaji Nagesh can't bear to part from Mr. Soennecken, his large, outdated photocopy machine which he treats like a family member. But it must make way for a brand new replacement and make space for his granddaughter to have a room of her own.

Meanwhile, Anu goes with his father to visit his maternal grandmother and something happens that takes his spirited innocence away.

Back home, Anu's much-loved Nitin chachu has turned up unannounced from Dubai, bearing gifts for all. But he's lost his mobile phone and rather disjointedly, everybody wants him to get married.

There isn't really much more to tell as writer-director Sudip Bandopadhyay succeeds in creating a lovely, warm family with a handful of cosy moments but nothing beyond that.

Yes, it does keep making a point that whether it's a vintage photocopy machine, a huge haveli that's falling apart or a car that keeps breaking down, the old must give way to the new. And people come around to accepting change.

But it also goes into a romantic track that's entirely predictable. And it talks of a schoolboy whose innocent fears are unfounded much to his relief. All of which makes it seem like a pleasant television serial with some nice family bonds like the one between Anu and his Dadaji before attention wanes.

Of course, Naseeruddin Shah as Nagesh who talks to Mr. Soennecken like it's a living being is in fine form as always.

The very impressive Sonali Kulkarni, unfortunately, doesn't have much to do except serve tea, milk and tindli bhaji. Aamir Bashir also has to be around only as a fatherly presence. Naveen Kasturia as Nitin is at ease through his love story hardly makes a grand romance. Child artiste Kabir Sajid makes refreshingly lovable Anu, unlike the annoyingly precocious brats of Hindi cinema.


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The Verdict

For a slice of life film that doesn’t hold your interest for long, Hope Aur Hum gets a 2* rating.


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