Helicopter Eela

Helicopter Eela Movie Review 2018: A Choppy Ride

Movie Name
Helicopter Eela
Pradeep Sarkar
02 hours 09 minutes

Helicopter Eela Review

Turning a Gujarati stage play into a feature film is not always a good idea. And when it gives rise to a weak screenplay, director Pradeep Sarkar doesn't quite know how to liven it up.

The only strong track is the basic premise of EelaRaiturkar, the overprotective single mother who claustrophobically hovers around son Vivan. That, by the way, explains the title that's taken from the term ‘helicopter moms' who cosset their kids.

Other than Eela and Vivan, every other equation and situation has an indifferent patchiness. You've no idea when Eela started a dabba service or why there are no relatives or friends around.

When Eela with her paranoid parenting becomes a suffocation, Vivan asks her to get a life of her own. Her decision to go back to studying but only in his college and in his classroom doesn't make a logical connect considering what he wanted and spelt out to her was breathing space.

A small film called Neel Batte Sannata had the same premise of a mother going to study in her daughter's class but that had a lot of relevance. Eela being the irritating factor in the classroom where she keeps talking to the student next to her also makes no contribution to the story. Without any humour in it, it only succeeds in making Eela more annoying which is not the basic intention of the film.

There's also an inexplicable coming and going of characters.

In a rather drab flashback, Eela'shusband Arun has a sketchy presence made worse by a rather bizarre exit. His absence and his brief return where neither his wife nor his mother even know he's alive is unconvincing.

There's a mother in the house when Arun is around and Eela is very close to her but after his abrupt departure, why Eela brings up Vivan on her own is quizzical. In fact, while Eela keeps meeting the mother at unexplained moments, there's not even one scene between the grandmother and Vivan.

There's a stagey exaggeration about everything. Eela's love is packed in her daily dabba for Vivan but the dabba is mentioned so often, it can give rise to indigestion.

The climax where Vivan sings and Eela gets the spotlight is laughably unexciting.

Some great music would have helped to perk it up but that too is tepid.

What's a real letdown is that the story of an overbearing parent had the potential to be a great entertainer with a relevant social message about single mothers.

A slim Kajol looks attractive as Eela and is at her best at the few emotional moments in the film. But she's largely screechy as the obsessive, intrusive mother. Riddhi Sen as Vivan with unruly hair is just about acceptable.


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The Verdict

For a film that’s neither funny nor emotionally moving, Helicopter Eela gets a 2.5* rating.


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