Hate Story 4 Movie Review 2018

Hate Story 4 Movie Review 2018: A Flat Revenge Story

Movie Name
Hate Story 4
Vishal Pandya
02 hours 11 minutes

Hate Story 4 Review

The franchise is synonymous with mounds of cleavage and much kissing, bikini backsides and the barest of clothes that cover only the essentials. Writer-director Vishal Pandya goes to Lake District in the United Kingdom and goes to town delivering tons of what the brand stands for.

He does manage to whip up a wee bit of curiosity with brothers Aryan and Rajveer who have a family empire and watch out for each other. Sons of illustrious Indian origin businessman Vikram Khurrana who's a mayoral candidate, Aryan adores his wife Rishma while wayward younger brother Rajveer is a glamour photographer. Until lust overtakes both brothers with the arrival of the stunningly seductive Tasha.

There's love, betrayal, murder, while dad Khurana wants nothing to upset his chances of becoming mayor.

Stylish in production, Vishal stays true to the franchise's forte of sensuality and suspense. But loosens his grip after a while.

Once the revenge story that's not too bright kicks in and most of the cards are laid open, everything speedily goes downhill and downright silly. A man with the reach and influence of Khurrana is like an impotent bystander who can't find out who's playing havoc in their lives even after being given a vital clue. The revenge itself is conveniently executed and is compounded by all-round clumsy acting. It as if the casting director ticked off boxes like, will you show everything that can be shown? Will you smooch, flash thighs and bend low for the camera and roll your backside, please? If yes, you're in. Can you act? Oh, that doesn't matter.

And so the generously endowed Urvashi Rautela is Tasha, the girl sandwiched between the two brothers. Ihana Dhillon is Aryan's sexy wife Rishma who helps with the business. Vivan Bhatena and Karan Wahi as siblings Aryan and Rajveer provide beefcake, biceps and the willingness to lock lips and tumble into bed.

Milap Zaveri's dialogues use rhyme for profundity. Like nafrat, mohabbat and jurrat in one sentence. Or madhosh and hosh. Or the classic from the bedroom to the boardroom.


  • Dialogues
  • Story
  • Music
  • Screen Play

The Verdict

With music and other rights fetching T-Series 12 crore rupees across the table, a minimum of 6 crore rupees in the theatres will easily take the film to profit. Since the revenge story is familiar without many twists, this 130- minute outing will be for patrons who go in for the titillation. But it doesn’t last in the last half.

For a franchise where hot seduction and high suspense needed to be combined more consistently, Hate Story 4 gets a 2* rating.


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