Genius Movie Review

Genius Movie Review 2018: The Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Movie Name
Anil Sharma
Action, Thriller
02 hours 45 minutes

Genius Review

There's a good basic premise of two high IQ geniuses. One who works for the nation and one against.

Vasudev Shastri is spotted by RAW even while he's at IIT and when Indian intelligence needs his technical skills, he beats the best of hackers anywhere in the world.

On the other hand is the shadowy figure of MRS and a whole team of people who work against India.

There's also the germ of a good idea with Vasudev as a rare blend of ved and vigyan. That is the knowledge of rich, traditional ancient scriptures and modern science.

Writer-director Anil Sharma makes room for romance, songs, and action too.

But the mix of everything is disturbingly outdated with patchy storytelling. You never quite know what's going on or who's on which side. Even the patriotism and fervour for the Indian flag has been seen once too often to draw much applause.

It's not quite clear what MRS's mission in India is. Is it to dance to ISI's tune and be its mastermind in India with a bomb blast or two or is it to avenge a past humiliation by the National Security Advisor? And if the NSA knew about MRS, why was his identity considered difficult to crack by the team?

Vasudev can easily intimidate the top ISI leader over the phone and MRS can talk to the ISI chief dismissively. All too simplistic when what was really required were smart moves that showcase the genius of both Vasudev and MRS to make it an engrossing cat-n-mouse watch.

Himmesh Reshammiya's music has the catchy Tera Fitoor. And the film is lavishly produced.

Utkarsh Sharma is fresh, confident and promising as Vasudev Shastri, the orphan from Mathura who lives for Nandini, the love of his life, and for his country. As always, Nawazuddin Siddiqui gives villainy a comic touch and makes his presence felt but he comes rather late into the narrative. Ishita Chauhan is passable as Nandini in the romantic track.


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The Verdict

For an action fare with a couple of new elements, Genius gets a 2.5* rating.


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