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Force 2 Movie Review 2016: Testosterone Served In Style

Movie Name
Force 2
Abhinay Deo
02 hours 07 minutes

Force 2 Review

What spills over from the first installment of Force is that John Abraham, playing Mumbai cop Yash Wardhan, is still grieving the death of his wife. The wounds haven’t healed, they’ve only made increased his physical endurance. Add to it the murder of Harish, a close buddy from RAW, and the action man is ready to explode. Yash’s intensely poker-faced entry when he’s hit with a plank and a nail gets stuck in his skin, establishes what he’s all about and also, what’s in store.

Director Abhinay Deo and his team of action masters don’t let you down on that score as slickly executed fights keep coming your way.

Determined to avenge the death of his friend, the highest authorities in the agency allow the Mumbai cop to join forces with the RAW team in Budapest.

There’s a new punch delivered to old chauvinism when Yash reports to KK. Yup, it’s tough, young Sonakshi Sinha.A strong hero reporting to a woman superior evokes a few funny lines and KK proves she’s no wilting willow. She can match any man’s muscle power but oh dear, she freezes when she has to fire a bullet.

The cat-and-mouse chase to find the traitor on the Indian side leads them to a mouth organ-playing villain called Shiv, played by Tahir Bhasin of Mardaani fame.

The assassination of the villain at interval point makes for an interesting twist, enough to bring you back to your seat with popcorn in hand. The unexplored virgin locations also make it visually splendid for which cinematographer Mohanan may take a bow.

However, though the fights are slick and stylish through alleys, corridors, sky roofs and awnings, they do seem never-ending. The climax which explains why Shiv turned against his own country is also a bit of a letdown.

Abhinay Deo focuses so single-mindedly on the action that everything else takes a backseat. There’s a vague suggestion of chemistry between Yash and KK but the action doesn’t veer off into romance. There are also quite a few scenes where Hungarians or the Chinese talk in their own language and the Hindi sub-titles flash by too fast for the audience to catch on to what’s being said.

John Abraham with his taut physique has what it takes to make women drool. Pretty Genelia D’souza is lovely in a fleeting flashback. Sonakshi Sinha provides the perfect foil and is in great shape for an action role. Tahir Bhasin is menacing but doesn’t have the powerful image required for someone who could set up and pull off such a vast espionage network.


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The Verdict

For a film that falls short at the emotional level and remains a pure action fare, Force 2 gets a 2.5 star rating.


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