Family Of Thakurganj Movie Review 2019: Serves Decades Old Fare

Family Of Thakurganj Movie Review 2019: Serves Decades Old Fare

Movie Name
Family Of Thakurganj
Manoj K. Jha, Prince Singh
Action, Comedy, Romance
02 hours 07 minutes

Family Of Thakurganj Review

Francis Ford Coppola's Godfather was released in 1972. And Yash Chopra's Deewaar in 1975. More than four decades later, Hindi cinema still uses a marriage of the two films as a template for the story of two brothers with different values against a background of crime. It can't get staler than that.

Younger brother Munnu and gangster brother Nannu are as different as Shashi Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan were in Deewaar. Munnu is law-abiding and non-violent while Nannu's very entry is outside a court where bets are laid on whether the daredevil will show up for the hearing or not.

Of course, the gangster with the swagger doesn't bother to turn up for a case where he's taken over somebody's haveli and won't return it.

One change is that unlike the noble Maa who opted to stay with the good son in Deewaar, Nannu's mother, wife and little daughter too are all like godmothers in different sizes. But, like ho-hum films, the little girl's so annoyingly precocious that when uncle Munnu starts dating a young woman, the niece pipes up and demands, "Are you guys going to keep doing naughty things without a license or do you intend to get married?" You feel like gagging here. But she's also the one who strikes a deal with a classmateand takes a commission just like her dad and mom would.

Between the three of them, writer Dilip Shukla and directors Manoj Jha and Prince Singh throw half-a-dozen tiresomely seen-before gangsters on screen including Saurabh Shukla and Mukesh Tiwari as a fake godman and Bhaiyaji's rival.

Although the attempt is to keep it breezy, the lack of anything refreshingly new makes it a tedious watch. Watching Manoj Pahwa chewing paan and cursing Bhaiyaji every evening as he goes by in a rickshaw is hardly the height of entertainment. Not even Jimmy Sheirgill as Bhaiyaji, Mahie Gill as his stronger partner who eggs him on to be tougher, and Nandish Singh, seen recently as Hrithik Roshan's brother in Super 30, who plays the straightforward Munnu, or the late arrival of Pavan Malhotra as an honest cop, can keep one interested in what's going on when the twist is so predictable for any Godfather watcher. I mean, does one have to predict how a case against the innocent goes in a small town like Thakurganj or who in the family ultimately picks up the gun and goes on a revenge spree?

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The Verdict

Among all the killings that go on, the most brutal is the killing of the screenplay with predictability. For a film that strives to be a fun family watch but doesn’t cater to any age group, Family Of Thakurganj gets a 2* rating.


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