Blank Movie Review 2019: Like Gunfire With Blanks

Blank Movie Review 2019: Like Gunfire With Blanks

Movie Name
Behzad Khambata
Action, Thriller
01 hours 51 minutes

Blank Review

Although it’ll create no ripples anywhere, it would still be unfair to damn a

sincere attempt to tell a terrorist’s story differently. But the lack of experience

takes away the spark from the creative work of a bunch of first-timers.

Debut writer Pranav Adarsh’s suicide bomber Hanif has a few novel twists in

his character. He’s a walking-talking human bomb which is linked to his

heartbeat. It’ll therefore go off if it’s torn away from his body or if his heart

stops ticking. Additionally, he has lost his memory. And there’s a substantial

reason for Hanif to do what he’s doing.

That he’s a hard-core, trained man with quick reflexes is evident to senior

policeman Diwan when he sees the way Hanif escapes from a hospital bed. The

finale where Hanif and his mole in the police department succeed in triggering

the blast they had planned also has a refreshing turn.

Unfortunately, the execution is so labyrinthine and implausible that it takes

away whatever novelty it has as an idea.

And so you have Hanif roaring away, beating up an army just after losing

catastrophic amounts of blood in an accident. And Hanif marching on after

tearing deep pieces of his own flesh like it’s only as bothersome as a mosquito


Ultimately, debut-making director Behzad Khambata’s terrorist completely

stumbles out of incoherence in the story telling. It’s also a flawed narration

because the equation between Hanif the terrorist and Diwan the policeman is

patently illogical. The whole idea seems to be to take the audience for a ride by

misleading them unreasonably. That’s not how a red herring is supposed to be.

The film also ends up pleasing no one in particular. Why terrorists killed their

own community in a communal riot is strange and the indoctrination of

children in a terror camp is neither new nor chillingly dramatic.

Sunny Deol as Diwan is well cast and still packs a punch though he’s clearly

ageing and flashbacks to his past are not flattering. New hero Karan Kapadia is

far from a Greek God but is confident even in the presence of Sunny who’s

someone he’s looked up to from childhood. Good at action, if given the right

film, Karan may one day spring a surprise. Ishita Dutta is averagely comfortable

as a female cop. Jameel Khan as the main terrorist doesn’t send you a shiver

down the spine.

Disclaimer: We are proud that LehrenTV reviewer Bharathi S Pradhan has been appointed an advisory member of the prestigious CBFC. However, her reviews reflect her personal appraisal of a film and do not in any way speak on behalf of the Censor Board.


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The Verdict

With lots of fight scenes, no romance and the absence of a coherent narration, Blank gets a 2* rating.


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