Badhaai Ho

Badhaai Ho Movie Review 2018: A Family Celebration

Movie Name
Badhaai Ho
Amit Ravindernath Sharma
Comedy, Drama
02 hours 06 minutes

Badhaai Ho Review

What does a guy do when he has marriage and kids on his mind and finds out that his mother's going to have a baby? That's Nakul's predicament and his parents having an accidental baby has him hiding from colleagues and friends. He's so embarrassed. How could his parents be doing what he should be doing with his girlfriend Renee? Nakul can't wrap his head around the thought though Renee is reasonable and asks him why his parents can't get intimate like youngsters do.

Director Amit Ravindernath Sharma turns Nakul's embarrassment into a delightful situational comedy in a middle-class Delhi home. Dad Jatin, a ticket collector with the railways who's almost due for retirement, and mother Priyamvada have had a rare romantic moment which leads to the unexpected situation. And that gives rise to a whole lot of fun around the imminent arrival of the stork with the father unwittingly becoming a symbol of virility.

When Nakul first hears about it from his parents, he's so hopping mad, he turns around and gives a quick little slap to his kid brother asking him, ‘Wanted a room of your own, room of your own. Couldn't you have slept between them for a few more years? 'What's brilliant is that instead of lining up laboriously written funny lines, the director and writers Akshat Ghildialand Shanatanu Srivastava, have rollicking situations full of humour which is so much tougher to do but such a pleasure to watch.

With a crusty old mother-in-law who throws typical taunts at Priyamvada, even wondering loudly if that's why her blouse was unbuttoned in the mornings, the comic tension is real but so funny.

Amit Sharma's narration very smoothly turns the humorous situation into one of human relationships when Nakul comes to terms with his mother's pregnancy, in fact, looks forward to welcoming the little one as a responsible older brother. At this juncture, the writers have moments that bring a familiar lump to the throat. Like the scene where Nakul takes up for his family before Renee's mother. Or the bond that Nakul has with his kid brother. And that gem where the mother-in-law has a feisty fight not with Priyam for a change but on her behalf.

Most of all is the tenderness with which Jatin looks at his pregnant wife, no words needed. It's a wonderful time when character artistes steal the show and that's precisely what Gajraj Rao and the lovely Neena Gupta do as the elderly couple. They are the theme with a sprightly helping hand from Surekha Sikri as the mother-in-law.

Sanya Malhotra makes Renee the upper-class girlfriend very likeable. But it's Ayushmann Khurrana who deserves an extra round of applause for consistently picking up an offbeat subject that's still mainstream entertainment. And he makes the transition from embarrassed son to emotional big bro as effortlessly as the narration itself.


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The Verdict

For a film that’s as fulfilling as a warm family gathering with big helpings of sentiments, Badhaai Ho gets a 4* rating.


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