Baazaar Movie Review 2018: A Good Gamble

Movie Name
Gauravv K. Chawla
Crime , Drama , Thriller
02 hours 27 minutes

Baazaar Review

There's a neat scene of a spiritual discourse going on, a sea of devotees, a cloth over their bare chests, and hands folded reverentially, as they chant, ‘Michamidukadam'. But backstage there's ruthless business and backstabbing going on between the devotees, establishing the unscrupulous ways of leading stockbroker Shakun Kothari.

Narrating the complex subject of an audacious stockbroker for whom rules are meant to be broken and his protégé who wants to get rich like him, is not easy. But first-time director Gauravv K Chawla is sure-footed and slick in his story-telling.

Rizwan Ahmed, a small-time stock broker in Allahabad, idolises Shakun Kothari, the big city operator. Shakun is wily and wicked, he manipulates the stock market, he takes over companies and he leaves no paper trail. Shakun flouts the rules of fidelity in marriage too, which his wife Mandira is not unaware of. But he's a great father to their two daughters even if he's quite unabashed that ‘Paisa Bhagwannahin par Bhagwan se kam bhi nahin'. As long as he's making money, everything's fair for this Gujarati stockbroker. ‘Dhandhochhe', as he brazenly states.

The SEBI chief wants to get Shakun for insider trading but the stockbroker is always a step ahead, too smart to get caught. And Rizwan wants to be just like him.

With a bit of luck and fellow-stockbroker Priya Rai on his side, Rizwan who has his own way of reading the stock market catches the eye of Kothari and enters into a make-or-break deal with him.

Of course, any resemblance to Hollywood's Wall Street with Michael Douglas is not entirely coincidental. But the dazzlement of money power and share bazaar intrigue makes an interesting story.

Saif Ali Khanas the brazenlydevious stock market devil is emphatically different and impressive. The surprise package is late Vinod Mehra's son Rohan. RohanMehraplays Rizwan with charm and a likeable screen presence, and stands up to Saif unflinchingly.

Chitrangada Singh as Shakun Kothari's wife and Radhika Apte as Priya Rai have a few surprises up their sleeve.


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The Verdict

Although well made with strong characters and able performances, my insider tip is that this is a film for the market-savvy urban audience.

But it’s a fresh slick theme for Hindi cinema and therefore, Baazaar gets a 3* rating.


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