Andhadhun Movie Review

Andhadhun Movie Review 2018: Tuned To Thrill

Movie Name
Sriram Raghavan
Comedy, Mystery, Romance
02 hours 19 minutes

Andhadhun Review

Director Sriram Raghavan is undoubtedly a slick thriller maker. He gets his teeth into a rather unique theme this time. Akash, a musician, pretends to be blind to see if it enhances his creativity but what he ends up seeing is a cold-blooded murder and a cover-up. A man pretending to be blind being witness to a crime is a fantastic premise to set a thriller especially when he goes to the police station and there's an unexpected twist there turning it into an even more nail-biting situation.

For the full impact of a thriller, one has to watch it without knowing what's in store. Therefore, outlining the story would amount to giving away quite a few of the surprises. Suffice it to say that Tabu as old film star Pramod Sinha's young wife Simi is the Cruella de Vil of the piece. It becomes a cat-and-mouse between heartless Simi and musician Akash who alternates between a cocky man who can see it all and a blind victim. There's Sophie between them played by Radhika Apte, Akash's girlfriend who feels cheated when she discovers that he isn't really blind. Or is he?

Does Akash stay blind? Does Simi get her just desserts?

What one can reveal without giving away spoilers is that there is an impressive performance from AyushmannKhurrana who does the blind man act with credibility and he's the musician who enjoys the world of melodies, muses and compositions. Tabu is like the wicked woman one saw in Haider. Manav Vijas a beefy policeman is menacing as required andAshwiniKalsekar is delightful as his wife. There is a bit of wicked humour. Like Radhika Apte dropping off the blind Akash and saying, ‘See you'. Then correcting herself to, ‘I mean, I'll see you'.

But all's not well in this thriller. After a very impactful start, the writing meanders to a greedy doctor, two unqualified, low-level assistants drawn from the streets, a multi-organ scam and a shady, silent hospital. Sriram pretty much loses the plot most of the way after that, trying hard to provide many turns. But the hospital shenanigans aren't very gripping and tautness goes for a toss. It reminds one of the recently released Blackmail which began with an interesting plot but soon went haywire.

With the blind man as victim, Sriram could've made a classic edge-of-the-seat jumper. But by going the Blackmail way, he misses the opportunity to make something as classic as Wait Until Dark which is a pity.

But it's still worth a watch at least until halfway point.


  • Dialogues
  • Story
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  • Screen Play

The Verdict

For a thriller with a lot of surprises that later tend to plod, Andhadhun gets a 2.5* rating.


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