3 Storeys Movie Review 2018

3 Storeys Movie Review 2018: Short Stories And A Little More

Movie Name
3 Storeys
Arjun Mukerjee
01 hours 40 minutes

3 Storeys Review

We've had drama in a chawl before and whether it's here or in Hollywood, we've seen different stories being interwoven into one film.

But writer Althea Kaushal's 3 Storeys is cheekily different.

Overtly, there's harmony, music and dance, they even peacefully fetch water without catfights and brawls. There's also a romance brewing, a romance gone sour, the death of an errant son and the death of a marriage.

First time director Arjun Mukherjee tells three chunky stories that may be condensed into three questions:

First, why does Flory Mendonca ask for eight times the market price for her apartment and why would anybody pay that kind of price for a place in a chawl?

Second, if it's not communal, what does Malini's mother have against Suhail, her boyfriend?

And third, why did Varsha marry an abusive man instead of the really nice Shankar who truly loved her?

While narrating the three stories that answer all these questions, the writer adds a saucy whore on the ground floor with a hefty policeman whose heart turns to mush on sighting her.

At times it may seem like the stories are running on clichés and coincidences but hold your horses. A naughty twist at the end says, don't take anything at face value.

Making it really watchable is Renuka Shahane. The radiantly smiling Bhabhi of Hum Aapke Hain Kaun is unrecognisable as overweight Goan Flory Mendonca. Great performance in a frock, Renuka. Sharman Joshi is Shankar, a boyfriend from the past, and he unfailingly delivers.

Richa Chadha adds colour in different ways.

Masumeh, Pulkit Samrat, Saunskruti Kher, Aisha Ahmed and Ankit Rathi are all a part of this regular chawl.


  • Dialogues
  • Story
  • Music
  • Screen Play

The Verdict

Although this barely 100-minute film would cater to a niche multiplex audience, Mukherjee has an interesting tale to tell with a final take that makes you want to slap him affectionately for being so cheeky.

For a low-budget film that’s pretty interesting, 3 Storeys gets a 3* rating.


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