2.0 Movie Review 2018: Message In a Mobile Phone

Movie Name
S. Shankar
Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
02 hours 28 minutes

2.0 Review

Super scientist Dr. Vaseegaran is back in his lab this time with the attractive Neela as his assistant. The introduction of Neela to a bunch of students brings on a chuckle. Vaseegaran himself is still with Sana and Aishwarya Rai's photo establishes that she's still his special girl from the Robot days. Soon Chitti will also be back to combat the new destructive force in town, Pakshi Rajan who was an ornithologist and loved the bird kingdom. But no voice of authority would heed the bird lover when he pleaded the case of his avian friends who were dropping dead because of radiation from cell towers. Pakshi Rajan has now turned into a very angry bird man on the warpath with mankind.

Apart from pouting for selfies and storing girlfriend's pictures, when a family claims to spend quality time together and each one is actually in his own world with the cell phone, writer-director S Shankar does make a very strong point on how mobiles have taken over our lives. But the point he wants to drive home is deeper. That radiation from cell phone towers is an ecological disaster, slowly killing our birds. That technological advancement which helps mankind cannot be at the cost of other living creatures.

To make this point, Shankar ironically uses all the technology at his disposal where the scientist activates Chitti, the indestructible robot with a swagger of its own.

In trademark style, Shankar makes it visually spectacular even as he takes a quick humorous swipe at the 2G scam and ministers. There's a sense of fun when he makes mobile phones disappear with technological flair and a quick statement here and there. The screen fills up with a sky full of birds, a stampede of cows and brilliant set pieces of a million mobiles that come out in waves and take different gigantic shapes.

But ultimately it all comes down to heavy bombarding by Computer Graphics.

Once the narrative starts moving towards a climactic showdown between Chitti and Pakshi Rajan, it gets predictable with the assault by special effects only getting more and more intense.

Even the screen presence of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar takes a back seat as super tech takes over. Adil Hussain as the Home Minister is starched and stunned as he is required to be. Amy Jackson as Neela is always attractive.


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The Verdict

Whatever Shankar’s message may be, it’s lost among the birds and the tech wizardry.

For a typical Rajini-Shankar blend that’s a tired repeat of what worked in Robot years ago, 2.0 gets a 2.5* rating.


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