How India’s politics has changed over the last five years.

One of the world’s largest democratic exercise, The Indian general election ( 2019 ) has come to a close.

How India’s politics has changed over the last five years. How India’s politics has changed over the last five years.

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2014 : The Bharatiya Janta Party won the parliamentary majority for the first time, under the cunning leader ‘Narendra Modi’. The BJP-led Democratic Alliance formed the government. BJP was able to garner the majority of the votes with the help of The media. Narendra Modi’s speeches ignited sparks in the minds of the Indian population. 

2015 : India and Bangladesh swapped more than 160 enclaves. Things were going pretty good for India. India invited the United States president Barack Obama to be the chief guest at the Republic Day parade, That was the first time a US president was invited for the event.

 How India’s politics has changed over the last five years.

2016 :  Government announced demonetisation of 500₹ and 1000₹ notes, leaving the country in a wide spread panic like situation. 105 people died in 45 days of demonetisation. People started to lash back at the decision but never completely opposed it.

On the other hand, The Indian national Congress party led by Rahul Gandhi, (The grandson of Indira Gandhi) was struggling to attain the trust of the eligible voters. The spokesperson of the party was titled as “Pappu” by the bjp supporters.

2017: The goods and services tax introduced from 1 July, raising the prices steeply.

2018: The campaign for 2019 general elections started. Narendra Modi as the prime minister and Amit shah as the campaign chief, worked hard and in a very smart way to gain the trust and belief of the Indian population. Many began to raise their voices against the BJP, and tried to call out on their bluff but not much was achieved.

The Modi government had failed to keep most of its promises, and its only option for attracting votes was  Hindutva as a political tool. By fielding “Sadhvi” Pragya Singh Thakur, who is out on bail, The Modi and shah government had shown the world that the BJP has made the elections about Hindutva and not development.

Raj Thackeray said “If they come to power again, Indian democracy will be in danger and you all will be made slaves.”

2019: Even after countless attempts by multiple political candidates of different parties to bring the Modi-Shah wave down, BJP won the parliamentary majority once again. BJP told the opposition to “Accept defeat with grace”

Bottom note: Overall results from various surveys suggest that neither state parties nor regional parties may have been able to stop The BJP from getting a second Chance.