National Girl Child Day: Protect Her, Nurture Her And Let Her Live

On this National Girl Child Day, let us all pledge together to nurture, protect and let live the brighter future of tomorrow- GIRL CHILD.

National Girl Child Day Protect Her, Nurture Her And Let Her Live National Girl Child Day Protect Her, Nurture Her And Let Her Live Source : Twitter

She has the self-confidence of her inner strength, she can chase her dreams, she can fly high, she has the ability to reproduce a living being, her love in whatever form- be it a mother, daughter, sister or wife has no definition in the universe and without her life is incomplete- SHE IS A WOMAN.

The National Girl Child Day is observed nationwide today i.e January 24, and the theme for this year is 'Empowering Girls for a Brighter Tomorrow.' The Ministry of Development has organised an event in the National capital Delhi, to mark the anniversary of the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao scheme with Maneka Gandhi as the chief guest.

With the ever-growing population in India, the ratio of girls somewhere is still not constant. The reason being the mindset of the people still considering male patriarchy as the superpower. But let us conclude that the girls of today and the women of tomorrow are no less than any male in almost every field.

We have female sportsperson, businesswomen, pilots, army officers, and many others. You name the category and we have a plethora of examples to give for. But is the girl of today's India safe?

Not to forget this is the same India which saw some horrendous cases of rape with the Nirbhaya, and Shakti Mill rape case. This is the same India which witnessed the Aarushi Talwar double-murder case and this is the same India in which lakhs of rape case files are still buried under the pressure of society norms.

We have to bring change and as they say, charity begins at home, every responsible citizen of this independent India should strive hard to protect the girl child.

Her vision is surely going to transform everyone. She will lead the way for others. Don't crush her vision and dreams inside the womb itself. Welcome her like a princess and let her see this beautiful world with her visionary eyes, let her breathe the fresh air and so this National Girl Child Day, Let us give her hope for a brighter tomorrow.

A grand salute to all the girls out there!

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