You are simply going to love Bani J's new hairdo!

Bigg Boss 10 contestant Bani J flaunts her new hairstyle. Bani did a cute black and white dreadlock with her hair. Check out her new look

Bani J You are simply going to love Bani J's new hairdo! Source : Press

Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Bani J, is on cloud nine these days. After her Bigg Boss stint, she grabbed all the spotlight. But even after coming out of the Bigg Boss house she is still doing so by updating her fans all the time. Bani was in talks due to her on and off relationship with boyfriend, Yuvraj Thakur and for her small hangouts with best friend Gauhar Khan. Bani is currently shooting for a project at the Madh Island of Mumbai and she posted some pictures where she is seen flaunting her new look and fans are totally loving it. She got a new hairdo and flaunted her black & white dreadlocks on social media. Check out the pictures:


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Well, if you guys remember dreadlocks are bani's favourite she even flaunted that in the initial days of Bigg Boss. The lady is flaunting it all over again, she is so happy with her new hairdo that she even shared a video. Check that out:


Just Being #love #love #love #love

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Bani was already famous for her tattoos and now she is even experimenting with her hair and is really looking cool. We just loved her new look. Well, we now wonder is this look for her new role?