Vishal Dadlani's ANGRY reaction over Bigg Boss 11 contestant Akash Dadlani

Singer Vishal Dadlani has slammed Bigg Boss 11 contestant Akash Dadlani over his false claims. To know the complete story, read on,

Akash Dadlani,Vishal Dadlani,Bigg Boss 11 Vishal Dadlani's ANGRY reaction over Bigg Boss 11 contestant Akash Dadlani Source : Press

Bigg Boss 11 has just started and controversies are already doing the rounds. In this season the contestants are shamelessly faking their identities openly. First, Zubair Khan falsely claimed to be related to Haseena Parker's and now, the next contestant who did the same is none other than Akash Dadlani.

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Vishal Dadlani

Akash Dadlani has claimed on the show that he is Singer Vishal Dadlani's dead brother's son.He told the entire housemates that he is very close to the singer and has a good rapport with me. Housemates were also seen discussing the same. Puneesh Sharma and Vikas Gupta recently have a big discussion on this.

Well, we are sure you want to know the truth, so guys relax this is all fake. Vishal Dadlani has lashed out at Akash for spreading false news. He took to social media and has given an official clarification. In the post, Vishal has cleared that he has no family connections with Akash and just because his surnames match he cannot claim to know him. Check out his post:

Well, we think Vishal Dadlani has given enough clarification to prove Akash wrong. The reality show has just begun and we are sure that there will be more surprises and shocks wrapped in for us. Guys, what are your thoughts on this? Let us know by commenting below.