Tussle in the Bigg Boss House

This time it's Om Swami and Rohan Mehra. The two were involved in a tussle lately, where Rohan ended up hitting Om Swami. Check out what happened exactly!

Om Swami, Rohan Mehra Tussle in the Bigg Boss House Source : Press
After Priyanka Jagga's exit from the Bigg Boss's house, one would have expected some peaceful moments in the house. But Om Swami's presence in the house continues to create headlines outside the house. Things turned ugly when Rohan Mehra was involved in a tussle with Om Swami. Om Swami, who has been in the news for his behavior and nasty interaction with female contestants, had created problems for Rohan Mehra earlier during the captaincy task when he tried hindering his progress. Rohan was very upset due to Swami's actions and even warned him after he got physical during the task. It is being reported that Om Swami provoked Rohan to such an extent that he went ahead and slapped Swami. Swami has thus been complaining about hearing loss in his ear after Rohan hit him. Bigg Boss is now obligated to take action against Rohan (according to the rules of the house) and remains to be seen how harsh his punishment will be. It is however being widely reported that Rohan has been nominated for the remainder of the season as a punishment. In response, Rohan locked himself up in the bathroom and asked to be evicted from the show.