Some interesting facts about Rakhi Sawant's husband

Rakhi Sawant who married an NRI recently revealed some interesting details about her husband Ritesh.

Some interesting facts about Rakhi Sawant's husband Some interesting facts about Rakhi Sawant's husband Source : Press

Rakhi Sawant recently announced her wedding to a US-based businessman named Ritesh. After denying it for days, Rakhi finally admitted that she is a married woman now. On July 28, she had a private ceremony in a 5-star hotel in Mumbai and took the sacred vows in the presence of their family members.

On being asked the reason behind keeping her marriage a secret, Rakhi said that she was scared of not getting work in the glamour industry. In a recent interview, Rakhi revealed some details about her NRI husband.

1. He is a big fan of Rakhi.

2. Ritesh is a media-shy person and that is the reason he hasn't made any appearance with Rakhi.

3. He works in the US. Rakhi said, "My husband works with Donald Trump's company as an employee."

4. Rakhi told the media that he proposed her on WhatsApp.

5. People will see him when they will go for their pre-baby shoot. Rakhi also said that they are planning a baby by 2020.

6. Ritesh will continue to work in the UK while Rakhi will shuttle with her work commitments in India and her personal life in the UK.

7. Rakhi met Ritesh before 15 days of their wedding.

Well, now the Indian fans of Rakhi are eagerly waiting for the pictures of her husband. Aren't you?

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