SHOCKING: The amount commoners were paid for Bigg Boss 10!

So, many may not the huge disparity between Bigg Boss 10 contestants and commoners, but this was the amount the common people were paid for 15 weeks of staying in Bigg Boss!

Bigg Boss 10 SHOCKING: The amount commoners were paid for Bigg Boss 10! Source : Press

All the celebs in the Bigg Boss house had something or the other to rely on. Whether its popularity or payment for the show, there sure got it all! We all have been hearing rumors of the whooping amount celebs got, from their participation in the BB house! Not only that, we also heard about special contracts of certain contestants, and how they had privilege over the others. After all, we all know by now, about the whole "Unlimited Eggs" contract of Bani J, don't we? So, while the celebs had so many advantages, what did the commoners have? Well, none of it! 

In fact the amount the commoners were paid was also very less! But did you know how much was it exactly? Well, we will tell you! The exact amount the commoners were paid was just INR 25,000 a week, and if we calculate the sum total of all fifteen weeks it comes to just INR 3.75 lacs for the entire season.

Yes, probably while making the contract, they were simply underestimated, as clearly from day 1 itself, they have been the major TRP gropers! And that can be taken as the only reason, that a common man actually won the season. Sure, Bigg Boss should have trusted the potential of these contestants a little more!

Bigg Boss season 10, has been one of the most controversial seasons, and has seen some of the most disgusting acts happening in the house. The season ended with Manveer Gurjar, a common man from Noida, emerging as the winner.