Shama Sikander has a bipolar disorder

Shama Sikander talks about her ideology of marriage and the reason behind her strong relationship with her fiance James Milliron

Shama Sikander Shama Sikander has a bipolar disorder Source : Press

Small screen actress Shama Sikander has received a lot of adulation for her performance in Vikram Bhatt's Maaya. The actress has been engaged to a US businessman James Milliron since 2016. 

During an interview with a leading Indian daily, Shama was quizzed about her marriage plans, the actress said, "We keep trying to plan our wedding, but fail to decide on anything since both James and I are not staunch believers of the institution of marriage. Also, we already feel that we are married. We celebrate life like one big party, so our wedding will also be just another bash with our loved ones. I have a feeling that one day, we might go on a holiday and surprise everyone with a sudden wedding. I would love to do something like that since I don't believe in inviting the entire world." 

Adding further, she said, "Whenever we get married, it will be a white wedding somewhere abroad. And it will be a close-knit affair with just friends and family in attendance."

The actress firmly follows the fundamental of living life on own terms. "I don't need to get married to have a baby. I will proudly call it my love child," said Shama.

Recalling about how did the cupid struck, Shama said, "We met at a common friend's house and I felt an instant and strong attraction towards him. It was as if we shared some past-life connection. I was surprised, because I had just come out of another relationship and was trying to avoid getting close to anyone."

She added, "After our first meeting, we started talking to each other every day. We were in Dubai when he proposed to me in January 2015. A year, later we got engaged, again in Dubai."

In the era where relationships are easily broken, Shama and James have set an example with their strong relationship. On being quizzed about how do they manage to go strong in their relationship, the actress said, "Both of us are romantic and we love writing poems for each other; he also sends me flowers from wherever he is. These are small gestures that every girl will love."

"I have bipolar disorder, but I started feeling better after meeting James. His love calms me down and he makes me feel safe and secure. He made me believe in myself by just being there for me," Shama added.