Sanjay Khan returns to television! To make historical series on TV?

Veteran actor and filmmaker Sanjay Khan to return on small screen with a historical series

Sanjay Khan Sanjay Khan returns to television! To make historical series on TV? Source : Press

Some television shows are remembered for the actors playing the iconic characters. Indian television content is revolutionizing by experimenting and exploring subjects that are untouched and beyond the clichés.

Sanjay Khan forayed into television in the 80's with the show The Sword Of Tipu Sultan, produced and acted by him. Years after, he returned to television with his productions like The Great Maratha and Jai Hanuman.

Sanjay Khan is planning to return to the realm of entertainment again. About the same, Sanjay Khan said to a leading news agency, "The last time I faced the camera was for '...Tipu Sultan'. I have been busy doing other things like building a five-star hotel in Bengaluru. We are planning several motion pictures now. Three or four pictures in the coming months."

When asked about television content, the veteran actor and filmmaker mentioned about returning to the medium with his production which will be a historical series. Commenting about the same, he said, "TV is making much more money than films these days. TV has a greater reach. I have some extraordinary stories for that. There is one on the British Raj. It's called the 'Beginning of an Empire'. I would like to make it as a long series of three or four seasons capturing the long duration of the British Raj in India."

Well, considering the content evolution in the telly world, it will be interesting to see Sanjay Khan crafting the same that suits the current sensibilities of the masses.