R Madhavan to decode the mystery of icons of India in National Geographic's new show

R Madhavan to host National Geographic's Mega Icons

R Madhavan R Madhavan to decode the mystery of icons of India in National Geographic's new show Source : Press

Getting into the uphill struggle under your own steam with no admittance through the backdoor derives success of a true achiever. Drawing inspiration from the greatest achievers, but comprehending what goes behind the making always gets camouflaged with the glory of their success.

National Geographic introduces to their new show Mega Icons which endeavors to tell the unheard and unseen tale of the greatest personality's journey to success from being an achiever to a mega icon. According to the latest reports, the channel has got R Madhavan on board to host the show which premieres on September.

The show will feature the journey of the greatest icons of the country, including Indian cricketer Virat Kohli, Actor, filmmaker and politician Kamal Hassan, former President of India APJ Abdul Kalam, spiritual leader and Nobel laureate Dalai Lama, and social activist and India's first women IPS officer Kiran Bedi.

Each episode of the show will delve deep into the lives of the personalities and the grind that they underwent to reach to the echelon of their life and career.

Giving an insight about the series, R Madhavan said to a leading news agency, "We enjoy watching each ball rushing towards the fence from Virat's bat. And the excellence that Kamal Hassan brings to the silver screen. But sometimes, we all sit back and wonder -- what really has made these Icons what they are today? Were these personalities just born to be great, and their success defined from day one? Or did their journey through life, their experiences and hard work, really shape them into the giants we revere. I am excited to join National Geographic to decode this mystery, and bring to viewers a completely new and incredible perspective of what really goes into making an Icon."

Speaking about Mega Icons, Head - Productions of National Geographic & FOX Networks Group India, Shruti Takulia said, "With Mega Icons, we aim to dive deep into the lives of India's most exalted men and women to find the answer to an elusive question -- are geniuses born or made? To start this conversation, we are glad to bring R. Madhavan on board as the host for the series. Having appeared in films from seven different languages, donned multiple hats of actor, writer, producer and television host, Madhavan has a national appeal and an astute and curious mind. We are certain that he, along with the scientists and experts featured in our series, will be able to feed the curiosity of our viewers, who are always on a look out for unique ways to comprehend the power of science and exploration."